Young Mexico

GT Garza is a young rap artist from the southwest side of Houston, TX, dedicated to acting as a representative of his people. He vows to give his family, friends, and fans music they can jam while inspiring and encouraging the aforementioned to hold their heads high. “I make it cool to be Mexican. We don’t just cut grass and build your roads,” he started. “I’m going to take us to the top.”

Garza admits he use to think music was for expressing how dope he was as an artist, or to out-rap everyone, proving himself as the best. Now, he feels empowered to uplift and motivate the people in his life and in his reach, hoping his music and community involvement help both younger and older generations to receive motivation and guidance in time of need.

Cool, calm, and collected, GT Garza appreciates all types of music, though he favors the hip-hop genre. One of his all-time favorite hip-hop artists is Eminem. “I like hearing dope freestyles or punch lines; that’s just where my heart is.” Garza stated. Though he doesn’t dislike any music, he knows what’s his taste and what isn’t. Aware that every person has different tastes, he noted that there will always be a need for a variety of talent and sounds.

GT Garza is involved with every component of his projects, from thought, to song-writing, to promotion, acting as a well-rounded musical artist. With the exception of production, he is hands-on in the entertainment aspect, working with a team who supports his movement. His favorite aspect of the entertainment and music industry is performing. “Just knowing you have fans you’ve never met, not only coming to see you but supporting your music—that energy is an incredible feeling.” said Garza. He started off planning and implementing his own showcases to display his talent. This led Garza to take part in the Live From the Underground Tour with artists such as Big Krit, Slim Thug, Tito Lopez, and Big Sant. “Traveling and performing in different cities up and down the East Coast, Midwest, and South made it the most memorable gig I’ve ever been apart of.”

GT Garza makes music as a profession and aims to be a master of his craft. He has plenty of ideas and techniques he has yet to try in the studio and looks forward to the outcomes of his creativity. Also an entrepreneur, Garza started his own business back in 2008, called The Machine Music Group, and he says it’s been growing ever since. “In the next five years, I want to expand since we already do our own in-house work and mechanicals,” he mentioned.

“The Legacy of Richie Valens” is the name of his last musical project he dropped just this past May. He finds this mixtape to be very special to him as two of his songs, “Screens Fall” and “Slab” made it to the radio, with the latter hitting number 1 on the radio charts. Garza is currently working on his next project, which is more geared to his desire to represent his culture, heritage, family, and friends. This October, Garza will be dropping his 2-disc album, “Young Mexico” and “Brown Funeral”. He received the opportunity to work with EQV Studios, a group of producers he’d never worked with before but experienced instant chemistry with in the music-making process. With the help of EQ, J Tracks, and 12, “Young Mexico” is a body of work Garza is proud of and knows it will speak volumes. Likewise, “Brown Funeral” will have much of the same effect, as it allowed him the opportunity to work with Platinum producer, Happy Perez. “I am a representative of my people. I speak with and for them.” Garza exclaimed. This 2-disc album is nothing more or less than a compilation of stories and ideals taught by his family. Wanting to give his fans something real, he figured what better way to portray “real” than speaking on what he’s learned, experienced, seen, and loves: his culture.

When Garza isn’t making music or doing business, he finds time to play basketball with his friends. Making it his responsibility to get involved in his community, he recently partnered with Satori Salon in the Heights to raise toys, food, clothes, and more to be distributed to charities and communities throughout the Greater Houston area.

Anyone interested in GT Garza’s music should be aware of his upcoming shows. He will first appear at the Latin Energy Fest in Dallas, TX on October 26 with Baby Bash. Garza will also be performing at the 97.9 The Box car show November 22.

Strong and optimistic, Garza knows problems and hardships will arise. However, he knows even better that a strong foundation and loving family can overcome all.


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