White Lines in the Kitchen

I met a renaissance man- a lover and doer of many things- when putting together the Aggieland Cypher 2013. This guy had a natural connection to reggae, jazz, and the blues because of his father’s influence, and aside from playing the piano and trumpet from young, he freestyled with friends. However, he never did anything musically until about 3 years ago when he says, “I concluded me and my team were sicker than your average and we can really make this rap thing happen.” He’s a rapper, a vulgar lyricist and a beast on stage who plans on doing music in some form for the rest of his life, whether he’s performing or producing.

Ian Schreckenbach is one fourth of The C.R.E.A.M who recently dropped their debut project, “White Lines” produced by Platinum P.A.T. and Ian himself. Explaining his stage name, “Doc Strange” Ian stated “most people are strange, but I’m a professional”. Not only was he whipping up “White Lines”, but Ian admits “I can miss meals and not even notice while I’m in the lab cooking stuff up.” Ian described his music as the type you listen to over and over just to hear something new every time. He reminded me that it didn’t have to be deep in meaning because a track can have depth with sound. Strange, tripped out, and melodic are a few adjectives to describe Ian’s taste. “Basically, I try to treat a record like a chef would a meal. You need balance. Meat, vegetables… everything’s got to be in the right proportion,” he further related.

Born and raised about an hour north of Houston in Bryan, TX, it isn’t much of a surprise that Houston rappers have greatly influenced him in his passion for music. Aside from RZA-stabs, Ian likes lots of bass and slowed up tempos. He admits when he first started recording, he wanted to sound like Big Hawk. “Dude was slept on nationally and way ahead of his time in terms of delivery and flow”, said Ian. He is also a fan of Devin the Dude because of his originality and sense of realness. “‘Just Tryin’ Ta Live’ is forever in my iPod rotation”, he added. Ian also favored Chamillionaire and Paul Wall’s joint project “Get Ya Mind Correct” and believes this project was also slept on. Doc Strange was influenced by many others though, as he is a lover of timeless music. As a producer, he loves a wide variety of such, but he decided to stick to rap when listing influential greats. He referred to OutKast as a group of innovators, and also noted Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, and Notorious BIG for influencing his passion and path in the music industry.

The music and the fans, the relationships you make putting in the work, and the business itself are the very things that attracted Doc Strange to start cooking up his masterpieces of sound. He’s worked with many underground and upcoming artists during his few years of music-making and networking along with his band members Brad, Jimmy James, and Fly Ty. Doc Strange has collaborated with many artists on either music or videos.

Leaving the kitchen and entering the place of the “professionals”, Doc Strange referenced the importance of entrepreneurship in the rap industry to stay relevant. “Having multiple avenues or a strong brand is the way to do it,” he explained. LOVETHECLINIC is the creative company Doc Strange so proudly pushes, as they shoot videos, come up with ideas, and sell merchandise.

Ian wants to impact people all over the world with his music, hoping to reinforce the belief that everyone can be greater. Feeding off good energy from friends and fans, Ian truly believes that music is his passion and we should all do what we love and love what we do.

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