What is AMAG?

Small and ambitious business enterprises are the core of every industry in the world. It is not surprising that with each passing day, more and more Americans envision starting a business, aiming to be their own boss.

Can you believe that there were more than 25 million Americans who were commencing or already operating their own ventures in 2016? There were over 582 million entrepreneurs globally until a few years ago.

What do these numbers indicate? Undoubtedly, there are gazillions of business ideas and an increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, what is it that pulls them back? What hampers their success? How to create a successful and sustainable business model? To a large extent, it is the lack of funding, brand awareness, and finally losses that forces them to shut shop.

What is AMAG?

Having been in their shoes, the founder of Anais Magazine or AMAG, understands the stumbling blocks and the plight. AMAG is a phenomenal initiative to lend a helping hand, especially to those creative talents and entrepreneurs from around the world.

A dream platform for artists, investors, and entrepreneurs, AMAG intends to be an ideal forum for its members to Network, Promote, Shop, and Crowdfund. The members can publish articles, interact with the growing AMAG community, and predominantly, crowdfund for their venture. AMAG is currently featuring artists and entrepreneurs free.


AMAG is a new-fangled blend of elements that aims to connect like-minded people. The aim is to reach out to creative talents, startups, bloggers, and the likes from across the globe, especially from minority backgrounds. Once members, they can interact with and aid one another. 


The platform is packed with user-created content. The members can publish and promote their own unique, exclusive and creative content. This feature makes it easier and uncomplicated for startup brands and businesses to create or increase brand awareness within the community. The magazine can be effectively utilized to advertise the brands and business. Currently, AMAG is home to bloggers from over 15 diverse topics, represented by beautifully melanated models, and is the official source of press releases for artists and entrepreneurs globally. 


AMAG is the perfect online platform and community that employs magazine, social media and crowdfunding functionality with the option to shop. And this provides creative talents, entrepreneurs, and investors a seamless experience to incubate and flourish innovative ventures. The shop features products and services from the founder, Kenya Anais, who created a fashion and stationery line for Venture Queens and Lady Bawses. She also provides marketing services and DIY courses for entrepreneurs through Anais Marketing Group. Members can also advertise on the website for a small fee.


AMAG helps artists, entrepreneurs, and investors by providing an authentic and secure platform to raise and invest money. Catering to melanated communities globally, brands and businesses are encouraged to publish their crowdfunding campaigns on AMAG, versus other crowdfunding platforms. 

Members can also post causes, ideas, and projects to seek donations on the platform. 

AMAG’s Types of Crowdfunding Campaigns 

The founder of AMAG is a lone soldier. Running and operating the platform, the goal at the moment is to raise $1 million to qualify to become an equity investment and venture capital platform.  

Currently, the AMAG platform has the following types of crowdfunding:

Donations: A no-frills option, the donators are not offered any kind of rewards for their contributions or donations to the venture. Most often, friends, family, supporters, and well-wishers are the potential donors who are looking to financially encourage the venture or artist. Donations are easily made possible on the AMAG platform without any hassles. 

Rewards: As opposed to donation-based funding, reward-based funding, as the name suggests offers some kind of a reward in exchange for their financial support in these campaigns. The person contributing is not in any way affected (positively or negatively) by the company’s performance. Their association with the venture strictly ends with making the contribution and receiving the reward.

Once AMAG raises $1 million, the platform will upgrade to equity-based funding.

Equity: Unlike donation-based or rewards-based funding, in an equity-based crowdfunding model, the investors can purchase securities in these ventures. In return, they are allotted stocks or any other type of investment. Hence, these investors are affected by the financial performance of the venture. When the venture becomes successful, these shareholders receive a return on their investments.

How does it work? How can artists and entrepreneurs sign up and become active members?

AMAG has various types of crowdfunding options that can be utilized by artists and entrepreneurs. The secure platform connects global investors with ventures trying to raise capital.

AMAG offers the following benefits:

  • Easy and quick registration. Create a unique profile for free!
  • A hassle-free way to create crowdfunding campaigns from the dashboard.
  • Create campaigns to initiate donations or reward-based crowdfunding and let the world know about it. 
  • Post information like the minimum investment expected and images and videos to provide investors specific details.
  • Create social media posts, add friends, and share content. Connect with the growing AMAG community and like-minded individuals.
  • An opportunity for artists and entrepreneurs to back other’s businesses in the community. 
  • Option to review profiles so the community can be in touch with what others are experiencing. 
  • Publish articles and posts. Get FEATURED for free for a limited time.
  • Official Press Releases can be published on the platform
  • AMAG offers ad space to ventures on the magazine.

AMAG Competitors and the amount of money they have generated

Aiming to be one of the prominent Fintech crowdfunding platforms in the world, AMAG has its share of serious competitors including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdcube, StartEngine, and more.

Platforms like AMAG, which positively impact our rising startup culture, are a much-needed and innovative business model and catalyst. 

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