My husband and I planned a trip to Miami with some of our closest friends last year. We decided to leave our 3 year-old son and 11-month old daughter with their GiGi and have some much needed fun. Unfortunately, timing was bad for a lot of our invitees because I turned 30 on Mother’s Day weekend. Only one of my best friends made the trip, and luckily Terrace’s brother and cousin brought ladies along. My first cousins, local to the Miami area, also met up with us for a few festivities. We had such a good time adulting without our little ones, despite a few mishaps.

We received a complimentary hotel on South Beach, Miami. The Winter Haven Autograph Collection was a pretty expensive hotel as is everything on South Beach, so some of our guests stayed over 20 minutes away from us, while we struggled to find affordable food and drinks! We literally spent $80 on truffle fries and margaritas our first night there.

The highlight of the trip was drinking and dancing on the yacht, rain clouds and all! We didn’t expect the weather to be ugly but it didn’t stop us from boarding the yacht. We booked with a woman-owned business called Live Freely Yacht Charters. The owner was professional, communicated well, and we’d definitely use her services again. The driver of the boat barely spoke english but he made sure we enjoyed ourselves. One major mishap was we could NOT find Hennessy in Miami. We settled for Jack Daniels Honey, and made the most out of it.

The second night, we partied with my best friend and her man. We had huge daiquiris from the bar at Voodoo Rooftop Lounge which had us pretty lit until 3am. This was the best bar and lounge on the strip in our opinion. So much so, we went back twice not knowing where else to go.

Of course, we enjoyed South Beach both days. It was pretty packed being the beginning of summer. There was hundreds of bodies on the beach, people played their music, and we took pictures and danced like we were the only ones there! Being away from my breastfed baby for just a day changed the way I looked in my swimsuit for the entire weekend. Can you say ENGORGED?! (For those who don’t know, this is when milk fills up the ducts and makes the boobs full and hard for one hell of an illusion!)

The final night of Miami, we changed rooms since we only got two nights with the complimentary stay. We literally rolled our luggage from one block of South Beach to another to arrive at the Hotel Chelsea. First off, we would NOT book at this hotel ever again. Although the name on the building was pretty, we made the mistake of booking through Air BnB, thinking it would be a typical listing. The manager was superbly rude to us when we showed up not wanting to put $100 down for the deposit, asking us if we didn’t have any money. It wasn’t that we didn’t have it, we just didn’t expect the expense after booking and paying on Air BnB…not to mention we had other priorities! As much as we didn’t appreciate the disrespectful comments from the manager, the front desk saw and understood the confusion and offered us a nasty bottle of wine that we left at the hotel!

We decided to eat pizza before we hit the strip again and grubbed on the porch of Pizza Rustica. The food was reasonably priced and very filling. Right after we finished our meal, I realized I didn’t have on my wedding ring. I panicked, went back to the hotel, searched the main bathroom of the lobby, and finally broke the news to Terrace who took it pretty darn hard! He actually left us to party without him, which changed the whole vibe! We all had to fly back to Houston the next morning, so it was a bummer of an ending but I am so glad we took that vacation.


Based on the venues we visited during our stay in Miami, Adel Adventures has compiled our final ratings:

Luxury: 4- the yacht, the clubs, the restaurants!

Art/Gems/Artifacts: 5- the hotels on South Beach are prettyyyyy vintage, we enjoyed the looks and feels.

History: 3.5- it’s all about the NOW in Miami… the history is of course present, even in the sky rises… we could’ve talked to some locals but we didn’t.

Holistic Health: 2- nothing really stood out- more fattening foods than anything!

Family-Friendly: 4- we could’ve brought the children but this trip wasn’t for them!

Food/Dining: 4.5- the more affordable food was my fave, but the $80 fries and drinks were cool too.

Amenities: 5- our hotel reservation came with beach umbrellas, bikes, towels and everything for perfect beach days.

Excursions: 5- Live Freely Charters took us on an amazing excursion into the ocean, despite the weather.

Location/Ease of Access: 5- we walked to everything, including our second hotel.

Customer Service: 5- everyone was awesome, some servers made me laugh!

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