“Trap Sermon” Review

Deus Lee and His All-new Tape “Trap Sermon”

Deus Lee is an emerging star in the field of modern music. He is a native of Houston in Texas, United States of America. He is a budding music artist and features a unique mix of witty wordplay & gritty content. This allows him to paint vivid images for the given audience. He recently founded the Tuxedo Club and plans to crowdfund $100,000 from fans, family, and friends. The audience can consider backing his fund to exclusive gifts while becoming a part of the limited fan club for content, invites, and giveaways, and more.
The young artist Deus Lee aims at delivering great experiences to people having interest in music with his bespoke musical skills. He also strives to continue learning in the given field. He takes his inspiration from the famous Smokin’ and Slippin’ D’usse.

Trap Sermon by Deus Lee x Laioung –His All-New Collaboration

Deus Lee had recently collaborated with Laioung on his album “Trap Sermon.” The album is highly sought-after as it is going to be a major hit as anticipated. Laioung is a popular artist, producer, director, writer, and actor. Going by the name as Giuseppe Backarie Consoli, he was born in Brussels on 13th August. Born from the Italian father and his mother from Sierra Leone, the young man is a budding name in the entertainment industry. His name is the pseudonym that comes from a mixture of young & lion. Laioung was known to
be raised by musicians –from his uncle and family members. At a young age, he was traveling extensively and lived all around Italy, Paris, London, and several other places in Europe.

He started the movement referred to as “Therrmob” on the basis of young entrepreneurs involved in the fields of art, fashion, and music. He is known to speak and record in various languages including Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and others. Moreover, he is also fluent with other languages like Brazilian, Arabic, and Italian.

The Collaboration

The given collaboration aims at magnifying the essence of music in its true sense by combining the skills of two efficient musicians delivering excellence in their own genres. The all-
new album “Trap Sermon” is focused on the younger population of the world and is made available across all streaming platforms. You will love tracks like “Hot Boy”, “Blue Faces”, “The Godfather” and more. Tune in NOW!

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