Evo Haven is a new, green, and socially conscious container community coming to South Fulton, GA in 2021. These homes are energy efficient, newly constructed dream homes with all the modern aesthetics to effortlessly combine sustainability with style. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Majesty & Elize Gayle, who successfully brought together a dedicated team that resembles the epitome of Black Excellence.

Majesty Gayle is the Founder & Managing Partner of Evo Group Holdings. His real estate company generated 1.5M in revenue its first year of business. He has since expanded to construct assemblages and renovate distressed properties all over the city of Atlanta. The company includes a vast network of real estate professionals, investors and students. The millennial CEO also mentors hundreds of “Deal Masters” across the United States on how to secure financial freedom through real estate.

Elize Gayle is a marketing professional with 10 years of experience. Some of her clients include: Amazon, Disney, CCA and Skanska. The Nashville native has worked alongside the largest communications company in the world, Edelman; and founded a national organization focusing on women’s empowerment. She now serves as Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Evo Group Holdings.

Imanuel Gayle is a recent Florida State University graduate with experience in building and maintaining investor relationships. He currently serves as Evo Group Holdings’ Operations Manager and Fund Associate- managing all investor relations.

Kenya Hadnot is a Houston native, entrepreneurial creative and alumni of Texas A&M University who founded a freelance marketing agency and online crowdfunding magazine. With a real estate license and love for marketing and advertising, she currently serves Evo Group Holdings as the Marketing Manager.

Zay Hammond is a Creative Manager that has produced content for companies like Disney, Chick-fil-A, and participated in many freelance opportunities. He currently operates behind the camera as the Creative Team videographer.

Erikka Bolding is an innovative, foresight driven and goal-oriented Administrative and Operations Manager with over a decade of experience. As a Millennial who has successfully traversed the seas of the Gen-X corporate world, Erikka serves Evo Group Holdings as Office Manager.

The Evo Haven container community coming to Atlanta is possible because of the Black Excellence exemplified within this team of hardworking individuals. As a startup in the real estate development industry, those who make up the team are of utter importance as the company and the opportunities presented grows each day. The Evo Haven container subdivision will consist of homes made from recyclable materials and utilize renewable energy sources. Evo Haven homes are significantly durable, due mostly to the certified steel container that is used as the frame for the structures. Evo Haven homes have a lifespan of 25+ years with minimal maintenance. There will be a variety of floor plans, with modern finishes and sleek design, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and will also be equipped with solar and geothermal energy sources. The green community reduces air pollution and promotes mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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