The Trends in the Cannabis Industry

There has been quite a whopping growth in cannabis industry. The main reason behind this growth has been caused by significant legalization in different regions and states. Many people have become aware of the medical benefits that marijuana has to offer. In addition, cannabis has several medical applications so the demand for such products have shot through the roof. 

This being said, one cannot refute the fact that there are a lot of challenges one has to overcome in the cannabis industry. Everything from procuring the products to its subsequent marketing and distribution isn’t by any means easy. There are different kinds of cannabis products that are currently available in the market and the demand varies from one product to another. 

The Cannabis Products 

Despite a spurt of several jee products popping in the market, there is no denying the fact that there are some people who would still vouch for the good old fashion flower. It is also known as bud and it is mainly the smokable part of the cannabis plant. It can be consumed in a variety of ways and undergoes different stringent steps and processes before being distributed.


The concentrates are made after removing the excess impurities and unwanted plant materials from the cannabis product. This means that the overall cannabis quantity is very high and therefore concentrates tend to be very strong products. These can be lethal when taken in large quantities so moderation is the key word here. 


The edibles happen to be cannabis infused food and drinks. They come in just about all kinds of forms as cannabis chefs utilize canna-flour, cannabis infused oils and butters, and even cook with the cannabis leaf itself. They take time to show their effect as they don’t directly enter the blood stream but are processed via the digestive tract.


These are mainly a form of herbal solution that are made after steeping the plant in alcohol. They are usually taken under the tongue and are thereby absorbed by the blood vessels in this area. They tend to have a very rapid effect as people can start to experience the effects in less than 15 minutes. 

These are the products you can find leading the charts in the cannabis industry. 

The Big Shots 

There are several companies that have managed to become big shots in this field. Some of the top names that are the real stalwarts in the cannabis industry are Canopy Growth Corp, Tilray Inc, Cronos Group Inc, Nuggz, Cookies, and many more. Each of these companies have managed to do their bit and gain a strong and firm foothold in this industry.

Seeing the phenomenal growth that these companies have witnessed and the way demand has been shooting through the roof, it seems to be a great time for start-ups to tap the massive potential that is present in this field. Sir Cannabis LLC is a startup to be on the lookout for as they plan to provide a member-based service for legalized states to experience products from big and small brands natiowide. We believe that with the right research and adequate market research, start-ups will be able to flourish and capitalize the market. 

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