The Real Franny B

Multi-talented, beautiful, and inspiring, Franny B is the type of woman to put her best foot forward to help other woman look their best. This is no surprise as she took a strong liking to cosmetology. Franny B admits to easily hooking up a weave. But not only is she skilled in the beauty industry, she aspires to be one of the most epic recording artists and songwriters to ever live.

Franny B is a fan of 90’s R&B which surely contributed to her musical talents. She shows courage and amazing skill as she is unafraid to write and sing about touchy subjects. Franny B strives to impact others through her music and she proves that through her new single, “Hand Clap”, now available on iTunes.

This song glistens of female empowerment as she sings positive, optimistic, and celebratory words on a beat that makes you want to dance, or even clap along.

The music industry is a tough one to enter and Franny b has mentioned her difficulty as a dark-skinned women in an industry that, associates beauty with being of a lighter skin tone. Society’s standards couldn’t stop this force of talent. However Franny B believes She is doing what she loves, is passionate about, and encourages others to do the same. Such a beautiful spirit is likely to succeed! Keep up with Franny B at, like her on Facebook at, and follow her @therealfrannyb and @tharealfrannyb on Twitter and Instagram, respectively.

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