The media, the police, and the people.

The Media, the Police and the People

We live in an age, where CRIME is what is trending within 3 holds of society; The Media, the Police and the People.
On Social media, everybody just wants to have an idea on what is going on to create their own story or maybe just exaggerate the real version of Crime.
Growing up, it has always been the case that the police was instated to protect our rights, most especially protect our lives, but now, why is it we have come to an age where we are afraid of them, where we have to create certain measures to protect ourselves from harassment, where we are worried about the kind of roads our children, friends and family members will walk on knowing that they are going to face cops out there. With everything that is happening in the world right now, with all the insecurities, do we really need extra insecurities to be added?
I remember one time I swiped down my phone, and got this notification. It had instructions to an emergency dialer in case you are being pulled over by the police.

Has it really gotten to a point where we have to set extra measures in place to protect ourselves?

Well I guess the answer is yes, it is a simple phenomenon called self-defense, if what you’ve known was going to protect you is now deviating from normal , when the skills that were used to safe you are now used against you. You feel unsure, you feel afraid for your life, you want to be on your guard at any point in time and preferably off the streets to stay off the hook!
Finally, I do not get the fact that we have to remind that ‘’black lives matter’’ for them to actually matter. What is the difference anyways? The same blood flows through our veins, our bodies follow a similar system to carry out daily metabolism. Personally, I think having to fight for the rights of a people with no Crime committed, just on the basis of their skin color is one very very wrong thing! In essence, it is slowly proving that once you are Black you do not have to commit a crime, you just need to be at the scene to be a suspect, because your color is the crime. There’s no point! If living would have to mean getting up every day and facing a society whose mind is already made up about you, how do you survive? Everyday has slowly become a challenge.
If truly we understood the value of everyone’s life, then fighting for equality would not even have to exist.
Together, we are different shades of Melanin. We contribute a great part to the Earths diversity all together.

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