Smitty Spread Love

Lauryn Hill said it best. “Music is supposed to inspire.” That’s exactly what hip hop, R&B, and rap artist Renard Smith does. With a stage name like Smitty Spread Love, it’s evident he is here to inspire. “I just added my nickname with what I do for a living”, Smith added.

Living in his purpose, Smith spreads love awareness and strives to take the stress out of people’s everyday lives. Smith says, “I plan to influence the world, as long as we find ways to create more love.”

From New Orleans, Louisiana, Smith has officially been making inspirational music with “real positive and loving vibes” for 2 years. While influenced by J Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, his absolute favorite legends range from Tupac and Biggie, Jay Z and LLCool J, to Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fats Domino and Jimi Hendrix.

As an Uber Driver in the big city of Houston, Smith described his fan base as a large number of Uber riders and random people he’s met since living in the city. Always perfecting his craft and doing what he loves, Smith performs as often as every 2 weeks and at Avant Garden on Wednesday’s.

Smitty spread’s love in more than just his music. He also owns a clothing line and brand called “God is Love”. As an entrepreneur with a T-Shirt business, he soon hopes to move away from such to focus on creating more musical content. Smith’s latest piece of art is titled “Thank You For Listening” (he’s even kind and loving in naming his projects) and it is available on both SoundCloud and YouTube at SmittySpreadLove.

Unsurprisingly, Smith stated that God and Love were his biggest motivations, but he made sure to remind us of the motivation from his wife and kids. “I make music because I truly feel as though it’s my gift and the reason for my existence. I chose this route because I enjoy the process more than anything and I want to live a fulfilled life.” said Smith.

The music industry is fun for Smith as he enjoys the challenge of reaching milestones. He admits that he isn’t too fond of “the amount of lyric-less music on pretty good beats.”


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