She’s Lotus Marie

Confidence and strength are lacking in our world today, as pretty faces and fake bodies get more attention than depth, power and reality. Taking a flower representative of “strength” and the name of her grandmother who keeps her going, Jasmine also known as “Lotus Marie” displays passion and drive as she aspires to help people and change the world. From Missouri City (Mo City), Texas, this young talent hears a calling to bring people together, and what better way to achieve that than music? At 7 years old, she knew her dream was to make and perform her own music.

Although she’s been doing music all her life, she started off singing and transitioned into rap only 3 years ago. Lotus Marie admits she is still growing and coming into her brand but she knows her projects are dope. She feels that she represents women who’ve gone through the struggle but overcome, nonetheless.

Artists such as Eve, 2Chainz, Lil Kim and Gucci Mane are at the top of Lotus Marie’s playlist as they inspire her to become her best artistic self. Her music gives a little bit of everything so she can relate to pretty much anyone over the age of 15. She’s worked with artists such as STICKSX, Phassa, Ca$tro, Ranae, Freedom of Speech, and Magnanimous.

Like most creatives, Lotus Marie gets a natural high performing her art to the world. She performs whenever she can and you’ll find her performing her latest releases, “PinkOut” released last October, and “Copy Cat Remix” released this past summer around the city of Houston. Be on the lookout for her upcoming music releases dropping later this year! Lotus Marie will be releasing an EP titled “LotusVSPhassa” and a mixtape titled “Dope EST 92”. This true artist creates all around the board, and will also be launching a fitness line called “LotusFit” & a nail shop called “Lotus&Company”. Despite the fact that she dislikes trying to get people to notice her skills and passion in the music industry, she does everything for her kids and her grandmother, and she doesn’t doubt she can change the world.

You can check out her music on a variety of platforms: YouTube- LotusMarie; iTunes & Spotify- deezer; SoundCloud- LotusMarie; Instagram- @real_lotusm; Twitter- @Thickasxjazii; Reverbnation- LotusMariee; and Facebook- Lotusmusic.

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