Screwhead JTuck

It’s always a breath of fresh air to see young Houstonians keeping the screw culture alive. From southwest Houston, Jarrett Tucker, better known as Screwhead JTuck, makes musical and lyrical content comparable to that of a modern day screwed up click.

JTuck has been creating music since the age of 12, when he started his first music group and saw the potential to continue mastering his craft. Influenced by greats such as T.I., Lil Wayne, Big Moe, Chris Brown, and many more, JTuck enjoys the process of being able to vividly tell a story or paint a picture by way of music. His artistic expression, whether good or bad, will catch the attention of every screwhead in the world.

Though he doesn’t perform as often as he thinks he should, JTuck has been working on his brand behind the scenes. “I feel like if you want to be successful as an artist, you have to know the business side of the industry before you can gain knowledge of how to approach the musical side of it,” Tucker stated.

“Screwheadsavage” and “the screwhead click” are brands he and his team represent and push strategically as they work towards launching a “screwtheworld” clothing website for those who want to order merchandise, mixtapes, and so forth. Convinced by his brother, Screwheadknlwky, to create an instagram account, @thescrewheadclick has gained major traction and a nice following since the brand’s profile was started last summer.

“I put the page in his hands and ever since I did, we went from 100 followers to a cult following of 13.1k within 3 months,” explained Tucker. Though he isn’t yet in the industry, Screwhead JTuck looks forward to being able to wake up around the people he loves, doing what he loves. He keeps his circle tight and creates musical art pieces with his team, Screwheadsavge, Screwheadzac, & Screwheadknlwky.

Sometime this year, the Screwheadclick will be dropping a project titled, “the screw the world tape” and shortly after that release, Screwhead JTtuck will drop his own ep called ’95 screwhead. He plans to “give the listeners my story and the things that I’ve experienced growing up in Houston,” he said.

Screwhead JTuck is affiliated with brands called No Comment Clothing and Godson Clothing. He wants to give to those in need and actually bring people together, instead of just talking about it. “The only goal I really have is to be in a position to where I can open doors for others and be able to provide for my family,” said Tucker. After the music, he plans on getting into acting, sticking close to the entertainment industry.

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