Pretty Little Stoners

Pretty Little Stoners Boutique, or PLS for short, is a new business unconventionally based in the south. Jazmyn, born in San Antonio, raised in Dallas, and now living in Houston considers herself a Texan, and with a business like PLS, she is definitely setting the tone for southern entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

Pursuing two degrees in opposite fields, Jazmyn is stepping out into entrepreneurship with big goals in mind. Although PLS is only 8 months old, Jazmyn assures us that “this is just the beginning, I wanted to be able to have my eyes and ears on what’s going on currently in the industry. I’m using PLS Boutique as a stepping stone to creating my empire. One day it’ll be a line being sold in my dispensaries.”

Bold and ambitious, she remembers a time when her dad met with clients while she rode her bike in the front yard, unaware of what was going on. Witnessing her father go to jail on drug charges, Jazmyn has been influenced to do something about the changes in America. “Now that weed is legally being sold in parts of the country, it’s preposterous that we still have people behind bars for marijuana,” she stated.

“Sometimes I get denied from being a vendor because of the nature of my business and it’s those places that I wish I could set up,” she explained.

Pretty Little Stoners is more than a southern taboo, as Jazmyn says, “Personally, I want to see more black business owners in the marijuana industry, females at that too.” She does it for the culture, letting people of similar demographics know that it can be done.

At PLS, all products are hand-picked with girls in mind. The collection is geared towards the female variety, as smoke shops have very limited feminine options for smokers. Jazmyn has also incorporated crop tops and shorts, and gives us a heads up on what’s to come in the very near future. “There will definitely be a spring release that includes more accessories, and clothing,” explained Jazmyn.

Her current fan base consists of those living in areas where marijuana is legal, such as California, DC, Colorado, Toronto but Jazmyn wants Pretty Little Stoners to be known locally. Eventually when cannabis is legal in the south, she aspires to open a dispensary in 3rd Ward of Houston, TX.

Apparently, there are supportive entrepreneurs or other businesses of a similar nature who Jazmyn has had the pleasure of working with like Kush and Cutie, ForbiddenxFruits, Niomie Luvv, Brown Skin Bella, Made in Houston, BRG Authentic, Touched by Tay, Meraki Muse, and so many others.


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