Pregnant in Puerto Rico

My sister and I decided to take our families to Puerto Rico for her birthday last June. She and her twin were separating, since one goes to Jamaica with her husband every summer, so we thought it would be perfect to take our babies for a vacation. My sister and I both had 1-year olds, and I also had a 3-year old at this time. We were a little concerned about how they would act in the airport and on the plane so we packed snacks for days. Surprisingly, they didn’t do TOO bad. They became a little active on board, wanting to switch seats with one another, but otherwise, not too much noise!

When we arrived to Puerto Rico, we got a rental car that we would all share. Kiara and her family stayed at the San Juan Marriott Hotel per her birthday arrangements, and my family booked on Air BnB (my favorite place to book stays) where we found a cute house less than 12 minutes away. The neighborhood we were in was close to everything actually- the malls, the city, local stores, etc. The house was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom with an open living and eating space, and a large gated porch where we spent lots of our time. We had access to so much low-priced liquor so we stocked up on our favorite, Hennessy.

The next morning, I woke up with feelings of jet-lag. Thought nothing of it. Our first day there, we went back to the Marriott in San Juan where my sister and her family were staying. We dined-in at the hotel restaurant when I realized my appetite had completely gone astray. This didn’t stop us from enjoying the resort-style pools where our babies enjoyed the water and even experienced the water slide for the first time. We had drinks at the pool bar, took pictures with our little ones, and then spent a little time on the beach in front of the Marriott. My sister told me she had two college classmates- twins actually- who were born and raised in PR. They lived over an hour away from where we were but invited us to spend an evening with their family.

Hands down, this was the best night of our week-long stay in Puerto Rico. On the way there, we were reminded of our motherland, Jamaica, as the green mountains gave us feelings of nostalgia. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Jamaica but Puerto Rico gave me all the island vibes. Parking our call near their home was hilarious as we watched them move and re-park cars for our convenience. Literally, 70 degree angles on those mountain sides. We ate authentic tacos, drank beers, and let our babies run free at this comfy little home in in the country of PR. My sister and I noticed they had what we call breadfruit and her mother made us some, no questions asked. I was so full! We were surrounded with love! Spanish-speaking family members smiled, spoke to us as much as they could, and we bonded with the twins’ parents over low calorie beers (my husband will always find another veteran and make a deep connection!). They invited us back as if we were family and we would definitely take them up on the offer.

On our way back to the Air BnB, I felt pretty bad in the stomach area. I was wondering if it was the long drive, the fact that I overstuffed myself with authentic Puerto Rican food, or if I had one too many beers. I was highly doubtful of the latter because I only had 3. When we made it back, my husband and I sat on the front porch and I felt the urge to vomit. I threw up EVERYTHING. Now I was beginning to worry that we had too much fun in Miami.

The next day, I tried to drink my favorite alcoholic beverage and realized I couldn’t. Terrace immediately bought me 3 pregnancy tests just to make sure… I took ALL 3 tests, and they all said POSITIVE. I felt like my money was wasted, my trip was ruined, and I was more than upset about morning sickness and the thought of another baby…my third. Instead of ruining my sister’s birthday trip, I still tried to be as alive as possible.

The guys went to La Perla the night before to get their vices where they were warned not to pull their phones out. We ate in “uphill” La Perla where we passed up museums, the historical wall of San Juan, the Atlantic Coast, and enjoyed locals and tourists all in one place.

We ended up spending a lot more time at the Marriott, enjoying the resort vibe and meeting some of Kiara and her fiance’s friends from back home. They all went out for her birthday and we babysat my nephew in the hotel. To sum it all up, I’m going back to Puerto Rico as soon as I get my body back and I’m doing everything I couldn’t do this time around.

Based on the venues we visited during our stay in Puerto Rico, Adel Adventures has compiled our final ratings:

Luxury: 4- the resort is as luxury as it gets, everything else is island style.

Art/Gems/Artifacts: 5- we saw art just driving the streets and it was beautiful!

History: 5- we passed up so much culture and history in La Perla! We even learned from the mouths of Puerto Ricans themselves about the history of PR and where it is now.

Holistic Health: 3- I couldn’t tell how much they valued holistic health, there were many commercial storefronts.

Family-Friendly: 5- we enjoyed our babies at the resort, in the Air BnB, in the country, and in La Perla.

Food/Dining: 4- maybe the food was better, but I didn’t enjoy too much of it. The authentic tacos were awesome, though.

Amenities: 4- water slides…pools, and the beach at the resort sum up the amenities here.

Excursions: 3- I’m sure there were things to do at the beaches but we didn’t participate with the little ones.

Location/Ease of Access: 5- the resort was super close to our Air BnB which was close to everything!

Customer Service: 4- everyone was pretty chill here, people did their job and no over-the-top selling.

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