Who are we? The People Pxrty. We want to make a difference. We’re not too far off from some of our outstanding peers. As a team we have much to offer with several perspectives to aid our direction. We’ve decided to plan networking events that would bring more forward-thinking people together. As we prepared for our 1st annual event, “Work Hard, Play Harder”, we came together to discuss the details of our first endeavor. Words were thrown around, but being the group of people we are, there were many off-topic, deep, and enlightening conversations in between sessions. Specific words came up during these intermission periods that stood out dramatically. I wrote these down, looked them up, and later decided these terms were descriptive of the energies, spirits, and positivity we wanted to shoot into the world.

I researched “UBUNTU” and this term refers to the general sense of human kindness to the extent that they believe in the universal bond of sharing that connects humanity. This touches aspects of socialism as they aim to redistribute wealth.

“MBONGI” touches educational aspects as this term comes from an African village, translating from the Congolese language as “learning place”. Literally, mbongi is a circle of learning where people gather to learn how to effectively contribute to the community. Mbongi simultaneously acts as the name of an organization founded by Titus Sompa in 1988. He provided artistic and educational programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their vision is “to create ‘villages’ within communities so that people can come together and celebrate their gifts, (embrace) the joy of being connected to body, spirit, and each other.”

“EMPIRE BUILDING” has both a political science and a business definition. The first deals with acquiring resources, land, and influence over economies outside their own borders to expand in size, power, and wealth. The latter deals with individuals or small groups attempting to maximize job security and promotability by aiming to control key projects and initiatives.

Aside from the short-lived political party, the “Populists” who were also known as The People Party, we were unaware of any other similar names for a progressive group. We soon all learned of a community activist organization named The People’s Party II (the Houston chapter of the Black Panthers) who initially formed to address police brutality and corruption towards black and brown people. However, they later collaborated with The MAYO (Mexican community activists) and The John Brown Revolutionary League (White community activists) to bring about positive changes in their working class communities by supporting each other’s survival programs.

We, The People Party LLC, consist of a unique team driven to encourage and develop the artistic community, starting in the Greater Houston Area, through artist promotion, entrepreneur marketing, and networking events. As a representation of our generation, we focus on entertainment and education, penetrating industries by the degree and/ or experience. We are an alliance of family and close friends, with a variety of talents to offer and a similar dream to work toward. Believing we were chosen to help our people, we aspire to build businesses and leaders alike. Branching from our parent company, The People Party LLC, will be smaller businesses, managed and marketed by We, The People. We have plans to inspire the youth through open mics and entrepreneur fairs, bring together business and artistic minds, make black-owned businesses the place to be, and educate our people as we continue to educate ourselves. Once we get people to understand, become aware, and ready for change, we will build OUR wealth and bless our future generations in mind, body, and spirit.



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