Pink Bow Luxury

In a world filled with art and culture, the combination of such is nothing short of eye appealing, unique and creative in every sense. Sydnee Perry, founder of Pink Bow Luxury, is an artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Houston, TX. Though she’s been sketching and drawing from a young girl, she recently started her entrepreneurial venture in the field of henna this year.

2017 has been an extravagant year for Perry as she also began her lash extension company a few months prior. Housed at LaRae’s Beauty Bar studio, the henna business has taken off and is booming incredibly. Though she can typically be found at the studio, you can also catch Perry at different events, including showcases, festivals, birthday parties, showers and private parties. “It’s something different”, Perry states.

At Pink Bow Luxury, Perry uses the traditional henna which comes out olive green but stains reddish orange. However, her favorite henna to work with is Jagua, from the Jagua fruit. “When founded, they used it for hair dye and to color the hooves of their flocks in Africa & India,” she explained. At first bluish gray, this dark black stain shows on every skin tone and lasts for up to 7 days.

Everyone needs a support system and Pink Bow Luxury definitely sprouted up in love and care. Perry attributes her success to her mom, her main source of motivation, feedback and support as well as her best friend, who encouraged her to take up her new craft. LaRae Beauty Bar is actually owned by her best friend so they get to be business partners as well!

Perry understands there are difficulties in entrepreneurship, as you devote much of your time into building your dreams while people seem to not understand who, what, why or how. She knows, however, that her work will not go in vain. “Call your own shots, make your own schedule, building your clientele, networking, there’s no limit to what you can do with your work!” Perry exclaims.

With a purpose to give, and the dream to travel abroad doing what she loves, Perry plans to influence aspiring entrepreneurs, especially young, black creatives. “I want to do henna for celebrities when they travel to my city for different occasions or even concerts”, Perry started. “I would like to also teach classes one day, or use henna as a workshop for kids to express creativity early on.”

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