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Mompreneurs all over the world have taken their creativity and applied it in a variety of industries. Pallavi Pande is nothing short of this, as she founded DTOCS plates and tableware with her family in mind.
How long have you been practicing your craft?
2 years 
Who has influenced you? Who are your favorite greats?

I have influenced myself. Never did I think I was capable of curating a business and serving the world. I only thought myself to be a kind and caring mom, wife and daughter. However, my love for people and nature inspired me to create a sustainable product and start an eco-friendly business. Today I stand here after 15 years of marriage with children thinking of building something for myself, giving voice to so many people of color, to moms, and to women to believe in themselves and find their true purpose and something they can be proud of creating apart from kids and family.

My fave greats are Oprah because she said – When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are. and I take motivation and inspiration from myself because I value myself just right, not less, not more!!

Why did you choose the path you’re currently traveling?

I remember eating on banana leaves while growing up in India. As a child I loved how this brought me closer to nature. After I became a parent, and that too a conscious one, I wondered if I could bring this experience to my daughters born here and that nostalgic experience to the Western culture. That is when I started DTOCS with these 3 things in mind- Sustainability, Community and Usability.

How would you describe your brand, business or projects?

I am Pallavi Pande, a mompreneur based in Portland, Oregon and a proud founder of DTOCS. I am a mother of 2 young DTOCS brand ambassadors and a passionate entrepreneur. I help people make their kitchens and events more sustainable ONE PLATE at a time with alternatives to plastics and other harmful products used today by providing An Eco-friendly Sustainable Solution For A Plastic Free World through my sustainable palm leaf tableware-DTOCS!!

DTOCS tableware is made from naturally fallen palm leaves. They are chemical free, plastic free, compostable, microwave safe, elegant and single use disposable. We employ a majority female workforce and part of the proceeds from our sales go towards improving education for the poor local communities in India. DTOCS plates and tableware are made with a focus on quality that makes them a great fit for your daily use at homes, Catering, Weddings, Events, Camping, Gift giving, Food and hospitality industry. You have to see these products to feel the love we have put into curating them!

How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?

Talk about it, from kids to adults to oldies! We are the proud winners of the NEXTY award at the Natural Food Expo for the most innovative new sustainable product on the market. We have grown 500% in the last two years of Pandemic. Of course we have been loved by people who became our fan and customers and organic followers because they love our brand story and products. We would like to see our products on shelves at big RETAILERS. We would also like to audition for the final round of Shark Tank. I hope to be in the tank in the near future!

Do you have any other projects, business, or brands you’re working on? If so, feel free to explain.

1-I am working on getting featured in editorials to inspire other BIPOC, other moms, other women to start a business.

2- I am actively looking into being a PODCAST speaker to be interviewed for my brand.

3- I am working on raising awarenss for my brand and getting it in front of people on social media.

What or who motivates you?

My children!! They have a zeal to capture some great practical moments while using our products at home. These little minds come up with great ideas to showcase our products on social media. They surprise me with the way I have raised them to be so aware and conscious about the environment and put it into words and videos which I’ll cherish forever. When you have the right family, you are in the rightful place to do whatever you want! 

Who do you plan to influence with your work?

Moms, Women, sustainable minds

What do you think is your purpose in life?

Raising responsible children and creating a usable product for the community to move towards sustainability.

What is the name of your latest work of art, collection, or product? When did you release it? Or when will you?

We are launching 6 new shapes of products in 2022 next week on our website. Thats going to be exciting for the food and hospitality industry, giving them more options to have fun with.

How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand?

Every freaking day!! On social media. I want Dtocs to be a viral brand. Ideally be in every kitchen and each event around the globe!!

How did you come up with your stage/ business name?

I want people to think about a detox journey not just for inside of the body but also outside starting from where they eat and try clean green habits. Hence the word DTOCS with a different spelling consider the same detox journey as our products eliminate waste and detoxify the environment by composting in under 2 months naturally. Wondering why? Because they are made from leaves.

What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?

The price competition with single use plastics, paper, styrofoams and so called other compostables that are not compostable. If they are then it takes them years to.

What are your long-term goals?

1-Being in a big box chain/Retail.

2-Having a big impact of giving back to the community. Maybe form a Non- Profit.

3-Spread globally. Because landfills are everywhere and the Earth and people could use our Palm leaf tableware. Imagine when millions say “its just one Paper Plate”!!

Tell us anything you’d like the world to know about you.

Just a Mompreneur raising eco conscious kids and working towards creating a viral sustainable product for every kitchen and every event!! Let’s change the way we host and consume ONE PLATE at a time!



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