New Age Comedy House

Meet Christopher Hart, actor, comedian, video editor, and founder of NewAge Comedy House.

Where are you from?


How long have you been practicing your craft?
3 years

Who has influenced you? Who are your favorite greats?
Mark Goldblatt (Terminator editor), George Lucas, Marcia Lucas (Star wars Editors)

Why did you choose the path you’re currently traveling?

Well, I didn’t necessarily choose to be an editor, I guess I have always had a connection with video editing. Each movie I watch, I don’t focus on the movie, rather I focus on the editing structure or style..

How would you describe your brand, business or projects?
Well, for now my brand is all about comedy and entertainment, but we’re hoping to grow bigger in the future, transitioning into movies and a well known comedy page as well.

How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?

Have always appreciated all who appreciate our job and page whether you’re a fan or not. I love support, encouragement and Yes I would love more people to reach out to our page to learn more or support us with any contributions you have.

Do you have any other projects, businesses or brands you’re currently working on? If so, feel free to explain:

I do, But they are all in connection with my work which is video editing. I am also creating advertisement videos for other purposes in terms of tutorial classes.

What or who motivates you?

Movies like Star Wars, Terminator, hologram movies, and especially Sci-fi movies. I love the concept.

Who do you plan to influence with your work?

A lot of people, especially young talented people who have no support or people to believe in them, but possess the zeal and focus.

What do you think is your purpose in life?

I believe according to my religion which as a Christian, besides achieving my dreams and making earn means, my purpose is to also teach people how to make use of every given opportunity and start to focus on their goals … simple, my purpose is to change the world.

What is the title of your latest work of art, collection, or product? When did you release it, or when will you?

Well, I did a project, which was a short comedy, as a stepping stone to illuminate my part. It is called “Elisha’s Remark”. I have more projects I am working on.

How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand?

My work is sometimes based on the characters, I can showcase them once in a month or twice in a month depending on the situation, which I upload them on my YouTube channel, if by miracle I get a sponsor I believe my brand and dream will reach its height.

Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Nelbina Organics company, newagecomedyhouse

How did you come up with your stage/business name?

It was easy because I just wanted something unique and different, so as not to follow and do what other are doing …I dreamt the name and it’s logo which I designed.

What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?

Well as the video editor, I guess I have always supported my team on roles that needed a particular character to portray, which is the comedian.

What are your long-term goals?

1) My number one goal is to release a movie that has never been imagined before. 2) Secondly, I want to be one of the best comedians and actors in history. 3) Achieve financially so to sponsor my team. 4) Get more supporters and fans.

Tell us anything you’d like the world to know about you.

Well, if the world will like to know anything about me, it’s easy…I would want them to see my potential and follow me on my way up.


Social Media:

How do you prefer to be reached?

WhatsApp Number +2347068258887

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