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This Veteran had a bad experience with a popular beard brand, and worked tirelessly to innovate a safe, effective, and high-end product that worked for him and other men. Meet the founder of Steel Wool.
1. Where are you from?
I am from Newark California.
2. How long have you been practicing your craft?
I have been practicing my craft since 2010 but the brand has only been an LLC for the last 5 years.

3. Who has influenced you? Favorite greats?
My family is my biggest influence. My parent’s showed me how to save and build while my sisters taught me to embrace people for who they are and how to meet them on their level. My children keep my spirits up and my lady holds me together. This support system I have makes me the man I am today and helps me make the best decisions for my business.

4. Why did you choose this route?
I chose this route because it came naturally. I started looking and trying products that didn’t make my beard do what I needed. I actually had a bad reaction to a particular brand that is very popular. Because of this, I started my research on the hair-type of my beard. I looked hard at what works and what doesn’t work for my beard. Then 6 months and about 33 trials later, I found what worked for me and kept the recipe going. There have been some small tweaks over time, but my clients get the best quality product combination to make their beards feel awesome and smell amazing.

5. How would you describe your projects or brand?
Steel Wool A Beard Brand is described as an all natural, vegan, Veteran-Owned, black business. We are defined by our Simply Strong Style. We want to de-stigmatize the use of male high-end products by bringing simple, universal usage and a stylish fragrance that you wouldn’t expect.

6. How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?
My fan base is a good mix of men and women between 20-45 years old. They show so much support and always show up to events or pop up shops. Not even to buy products but just to say Hi, see how I’m doing, take a picture, or just to introduce other people to my brand. I would like to link up with some local Houston celebrities, in Sports, TV, Instagram influencers, musicians, more veterans, and community leaders.

7. Are you acquainted with any clothing lines? Any other products or services?
The only thing I am working on is my brand currently.

8. Do you have any other businesses or brands? Feel free to explain:

I still have more on the way. I want to show people anything in life is obtainable when you want when you have God leading you you rib (my wife) by your side.

9. What or who motivates you?
My family is my motivation, always will be. This is all for them.

10. Who do you plan to influence with your work?

I plan to influence the bearded world and be the first brand that pops into people’s head when the think about doing anything positive with a beard.

11. What do you think is your purpose in life?
I think my purpose in life is to create and help my fellow man. Everything leading to this point in life, from joining the Navy to the type of college degrees I have, to the last nine to five job I had has always been for the betterment of others.

12. How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand?
Currently, my products are sold at THE BLACK STORE 8616 Cullen Blvd Houston, TX 77051. We are selling on Amazon and my website is WWW.MYSTEELWOOL.COM.  I would eventually love for my brand to be world wide in barber shops, stores, online- Steel Wool everything. I still want to keep it investing-I have some surprises for my followers. In the next year, the Steel Wool Experience will blow you away.

13. Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with.
I am not a big name dropper. Y’all take a look at some of my work. Everybody you see me in pictures with are clients of mine.

14. How did you come up with your stage/business name?
I came up with the name just contemplating life on a walk then it hit me…naw, I really had to think about it on a white board. Ran the name to my moms and my sisters a few times and we got hooked. The first logo was like 3 slash lines, the second was a wolf, and the third I made myself and got it professionally revamped.

15. What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?
My favorite part about my business is that it’s my business. I wake up, I put in work, I dream about how much work I am going to put in the next day. This is everything to me, I don’t have a least favorite part about my business. I love interacting with my clients, I love going to  different venues and meeting new vendors. I would do this all day, everyday.

16. What are your plans after success?
After I reach my goals with my business, I plan to teach and use what I have learned to better the next person.

17. Social Media:

Instagram: @mysteelwool
Clapper: @mysteelwool
TicTok @mysteelwool
Facebook: @steelwoolbeardcareproducts
Twitter: @mysteelwool
Youtube: Steel Wool A Beard Brand LLC

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