Marraige, the truth there is untold.

Marriage is a journey of sweet and sour, salty and bitter. Marriage is never too good, marriage is not perfect, Marriage is based on the one thing in the universe that seeks the heart and does not lie and that is Love. We live in a society today whereby marriage has become a “try and see” or a “taste and spit” where you hear people say they were married for 3 months and even worst, it is not a survivor game for you to go in to and leave feeling alive.

Marraige is a promise of a life partner, to have and to own, to love and to respect, to understand and reprimand, to counsel and to guide, to protect and to cater for. These and a lot more where all the promises wrapped around the simply said “I do” because the minute you took that ring, that was you saying “I choose you, FOR NOW, and FOREVER”.

Now the problem comes in when you begin to forget all that you acknowledged that day, and you begin to see your spouse as difficult to live with, when you do not cater for your family, when you think if you got this one then you can surely get another one, when you show in no way any iota of love and affection for a person who has been with you through thick and thin!

You think you are all that because you are good looking? Because you succeeded to land a better paying job? Because it’s you who handles all the expenses? Because you are the head so you get to do and undo at any time as it pleases you?

Wait for a minute and think, has it ever occurred to you that your partner could do the same too, after all, they are human, but they do not follow stupid desires not because they cannot, It’s because they have trusted you even more than you deserved to be, they have trusted you with their very own lives.

Do not leave your spouse in love alone, appreciate every gesture they put into your marriage, buy each other gifts, let the love go beyond your household into your families and communities but be discrete; people cannot ruin what they do not know of. They will try everything to, but what will hold your marriage is the fact that you know your spouse, organise outings, bond all over when you feel the connection breaking but most of all, respect one another and Fear God.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, you have absolutely no idea. So when you clock out, GO BACK HOME and LOVE YOUR SPOUSE.

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