Life Advice and Regrets From My 100-Year-Old Grandmother

Be independent

Whenever my grandmother talks about relationships, she always gives me the same advice:

Eat well

My grandmother has always loved food. She lives in Antibes, France, where the open-air markets are full to bursting with fresh ingredients all year long.

Get some fresh air and exercise every day

Even though she now lives in a retirement home, my grandmother makes it a point to go outside every dayEven if it’s just for fifteen minutes, she knows how important it is to stay active and get out of the house for optimal physical and mental health.

Protect your skin from the sun

My grandmother tells me over and over how important it is to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat outside. As an adult, I’ve finally started taking her advice seriously because I know she’s right.

Always have something to look forward to

This is one of the most important lessons my grandmother has taught me. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking forward to seeing your partner or looking forward to eating a sandwich — if you always have something to be excited about, problems won’t matter as much.

Final thoughts

Whether we live for a century or not, life is a journey full of ups and downs. No one exists without getting hurt, losing loved ones, and experiencing hardships of all kinds. No one is shielded from suffering, yet no one is prevented from finding joy in the little things, either.

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