From Trauma to Triumph

Imagine healing generations of people by focusing on adults who suffered traumatic childhoods. Not only is Jasmyn helping those who went through traumatizing times as young human beings, but she helps parents become aware of the cycles we repeat when we have not healed. Meet the founder of Jay’s Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing

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Online Gaming

The journey from a humble arcade game to today’s highly advanced mobile games highlights the online gaming industry’s phenomenal growth over the past few decades. History What began as a rudimentary arcade game (popularized by Atari-Pong) in the early 70s evolved to console games in the mid-80s, with the introduction of Nintendos and Video games.

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Kenya Anais- the Founder of AMAG

Kenya Anais is the founder and creator of the distinctly innovative and sui generis online platform Anais Magazine or simply, AMAG. A dynamic powerhouse, the young woman has already carved a niche for herself in the business world creating a unique business model. Her budding brainchild AMAG offers a dream platform for artists, investors, and

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