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Ever since humans developed technology to suit our needs, we have never been fully satisfied with it. Always looking at new ways to improving the existing functionalities and innovating new dimensions, it appears we have our whole future envisioned around technology. 

In the past decade, we have been forging ahead in leaps and bounds, and it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that we have managed to achieve more in the last few years than we have in the previous 25. What was merely a dream or labeled impossible half a century ago has become the new normal today. 

What stands out as one of the most prominent and revolutionary discoveries is the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and all the continuous advancements surrounding it, such as Siri and Alexa. Employed in almost all industries today, AI with its tremendous capabilities has become today’s reality and most of the innovations now have it at its core. 

Few Technology Trends 2021

From NLPs and Chatbots to Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies to IoT, Edge computing, and 5G, technology is beyond a focal point in our lives today. Here are a few noteworthy advancements and trends in recent times that are sure to impact our future. 

  • The 5G technology

Though 5G has been anticipated for quite some time, now that it has been rolled out, it is believed to bring about revolutionary and radical changes in the way we communicate. With the advent of 5G, there are so many other related and consequential technologies all set to piggyback on and supplement it.  

  • Driverless Cars

Also called autonomous driving, these were once a far-fetched dream but are now being actively tested by innovators like Tesla aimed at bringing out Robo-Taxis in a short span in the future. 

  • Cashierless Stores

Automation in the Retail sector has been witnessing tremendous growth. Cashierless Amazon stores in the US under the brand Amazon GO have been a revolutionary step in this direction. The number of such stores is going to increase exponentially in the upcoming years. 

  • Digital Workplace

Ever since the pandemic hit, work-from-home and remote working have been the new ‘normal’. Hence, organizations have been on the run to adopt the latest advancements in technology and the most modern digital tools to ensure employee productivity and efficiency in business operations in a remote working model.

  • Human Augmentation

What do you get when you cross a human and robot- a human with robotic skills or even better. Human augmentation has been one of the phenomenal discoveries of the decade, giving humans the power of added physical and cognitive abilities.

  • Telehealth

With the evolving pandemic, telehealth advancements have been more of a necessity. There are infinite platforms offered by public and private health organizations, hospitals, and clinics for online, especially video consultation, between doctors and patients. Additionally, there are also chat support systems powered by AI, offering 24/7 support globally. 

  • Contactless Systems

Contactless systems are yet another invention that has been immensely employed during the pandemic. Most shoppers across the globe have shown a high preference for contactless delivery systems that includes self or online checkouts as well for contactless delivery operations. 


What other technologies have peaked your interest? Are they beneficial or detrimental to society, our environment, and mankind? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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