Kenya Anais- the Founder of AMAG

Kenya Anais is the founder and creator of the distinctly innovative and sui generis online platform Anais Magazine or simply, AMAG. A dynamic powerhouse, the young woman has already carved a niche for herself in the business world creating a unique business model.

Her budding brainchild AMAG offers a dream platform for artists, investors, and entrepreneurs. The forum AMAG is a new-fangled blend of elements that aims to connect like-minded people. From crowdfunding campaigns to media promotions to networking, the platform offers everything to aid the upcoming community. With AMAG she intends to reach out to creative talents, start-ups, bloggers, and the likes from across the globe, especially from minority backgrounds. 

Growing up in Houston and Missouri City, Kenya admits to only being highly inspired and influenced by popular television personality and author Oprah Winfrey.  But what she considers her biggest support system and encouragement is her family. Being the oldest sibling she feels and understands the need and importance to strive for excellence and set a perfect example.

Since college, Kenya wanted to understand the nuances of investing to delve financially into the backing and flourishing of creative talents from the minority community. A graduate from Texas A&M University, Kenya was always a high performer in academics. So it came as a surprise to her when she failed to hold on to the same success in her Finance assignments. Ever since then she has been challenging herself to get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the subject. She realized that there were many more like her who stumbled on getting a grasp on financial education. That is when she decided to follow her long-time passion and bring AMAG to life with a spin on finance. With zest and zeal, she embarked on her business venture with an idea that had hardly been attempted and succeeded earlier. She built an up-and-coming business model that was a novel take on finance, investment, education as well as resources for artists and entrepreneurs.

To quote her own words, ‘Anais Magazine (AMAG- the Art of Business) is an online and print magazine, crowdfunding platform, and networking marketplace for artists and entrepreneurs.’  She amazed herself when she nose-dived into Fintech without any prior experience. And consequently, Anais Magazine became more than just a magazine to her. To soar to higher grounds, Kenya intends to progress from merely rewards-based crowdfunding to an equity investing platform. She believes this can enable her and others to invest in each other and enhance the potential of these upcoming talents and businesses.

A Major in Business Marketing, Kenya is equally passionate about writing since her childhood. What began as a hobby advanced to a vital catalyst for her career. Having opted for Journalism as a core subject, she has been practicing her craft ever since she could remember. All of these experiences have been phenomenal in setting up AMAG.

Kenya becomes loquacious when talking about her pet project, Anais Magazine. The platform is packed with user-generated content. She believes this feature makes it easier and uncomplicated for startup brands and businesses to create or increase brand awareness and generate revenue. Currently, AMAG is home to bloggers from over 15 diverse industries and is the official source of press releases for artists and entrepreneurs globally. Members can publish articles, interact with the growing AMAG community, become a vendor, and predominantly, crowdfund for their brand or business.

At the moment the magazine is purely digital and online. However, Kenya has plans to launch the printed version soon and has already set the stage for it with a launch event planned for the summer of 2021.

A multifaceted and versatile persona, Kenya has her fingers in every pie. Training to be an Ayurvedic practitioner, she works full time with a sustainable real estate developer. Besides that, she leads a freelance marketing agency all the while juggling the management of The Adel Co. and Adel Adventures, family brands she co-founded with her husband. She and her husband are also underway in revamping what she refers to as their ‘first business baby’, PPL PXRTY, a promising entertainment and talent agency.

Extremely ambitious, she also plans to launch her own fashion collection, stationery brand, and series of children’s books someday. You can find a few innovative Kenya Anais items on the AMAG shop

An overachiever, she calls herself an introvert who likes to get things done all by herself. She manages the business alone but at the same time collaborates with freelancers.  Someone who is not very impressed and enthusiastic about social media, Kenya admits that the present age cannot do without it to promote businesses and brands.

It is astonishing to witness how she finds time to divide between her business projects, her passions, and her family. The smart and high-spirited Kenya Anais gently quips that her business projects are her passions are truly a family affair.

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