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Keep It Playa is a local upcoming brand and movement established by young men who naturally display the ‘playa’. “Straight outta MO CITY”, to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, & back to Houston, Keep It Playa has made major moves in the big city. The team of close friends and business partners effortlessly network as they partyshamelessly promote their brand, and are now making noise in the music industry.


Joshua Williams, better known as J Will, is the rapper of the group who recently dropped his 1st mixtape titled “Let’s Be Great”. If you were at his mixtape release party, you’d know the extent to which J Will and Keep It Playa have utilized their resources and skillfully applied their talents. All of the city’smost influential entertainment industry people were at Wire Road Studios mid-January; Together, Keep It Playa, Blueprint Records, and iASSIST created an amazing industry networking mixer where producers & artists, photographers & videographers, DJ’s, fans, friends & family filled the rooms in support of J Will’s project.

Though we haven’t always known J Will to be a rapper, he states, “I’ve been involved with music my entire life. My dad used to have me in studios since I was 9”. However, J Will admits he didn’t start developing himself as an artist or taking the music industry seriously until about two years ago. Why now? J Will explains that music helps him to maintain. “It’s a therapeutic”, he started. “It helps me cope and vent about things that are going on around me.” He is also very supported as he confirms people actually like his movement and his music.

Inspired by the world of music, J Will creates what he likes to call “Reality Rap”. He explains, “I take whatever is actually going on in my life or at the moment and express it in a way where you can feel what I’m talking about.” J Will strives to be relatable, especially to the “Everyday Superhero”.

His target market and his fan base consists of people who go against the grain, take risks, put themselves out there, and go through the struggle knowing that there is beauty in every situation. J Will and his fellow “everyday superheroes” remain faithful, Keep It Playa, overcome any obstacles, and beat any odds.jwill3

You’re probably wondering who inspires such a strong individual. J Will states, “I’m influenced by my take on the times and what’s hot“. While some upcoming artists admire the work of 2-3 of their favorite rappers of all time, J Will says his favorites are always changing. “Back in the day, it was Wayne and Ludacris, then Nipsey anand Krit, and even 2 Chainz”, he said.

J Will put his ALL into “Let’s Be Great”, now available on Live Mixtapes and YouTube. On his very first project, he collaborated with very well-known artists such as Kirko Bangz, Propain, Beat King, Killa Kyleon, and Sauce Walka.

As many artists learn as they enter the music and entertainment industries, J Will admits, “It’s bittersweet; You meet some dope people and you meet some snakes.” When asked what he loved most about the industries, he responded, “the late nights, the grinding, and the late nights grinding!”

Keep It Playa is not only a brand and a movement, but a clothing line, made easy by business partner Nesto, also known as Yung Luva. They’ve recently added on the lady version of the clothing line, Keep It Pretty, and plan to make big moves this year. Though J Will has only performed at a few showcases and clubs, he reminds us that this is only the beginning so be on the lookout!jwill1

Motivated by the people who surround and support him, J Will plans to live out his purpose by living life how he chooses and inspiring as many people as he can. He particularly hopes to inspire and influence the underdog, “the one no one expects to be great”, he explains. “The next J Will”, he adds. When it’s all said and done, J Will hopes to turn in his “Keep It Playa Card” and start coaching the underdogs and everyday superheroes. “Hopefully by the time I’m done, I’ve opened new doors that will allow me to enjoy my personal family life and still have ties in music, whatever it may be.”

IG: @jwill_keepitplaya

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