I Traded my Blunt for an Edible

Growing up, I was one of the good girls. The type that thought everything was bad. This served me pretty well in my adolescent years because my mom was sort of strict and she whooped ass. I stayed away from sex, alcohol, party drugs, anything that went against my mom’s teachings, my bible and my beliefs in God’s wrath. When I got to college, I experienced a lot more freedom. I was introduced to alcohol at Texas A&M where if you aren’t drinking, what are you doing? I was also introduced to marijuana. Now between the two, I did them both HEAVILY for my remaining 3.5 years in college, and a few years after graduating. It wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to stop drinking liquor- and I’ll save that story for another post.

Marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, green, pot, dodi, blunts, joints, or whatever name you’ve given it…it became my best friend. Like who needs real friends when you’ve got cannabis?! Honestly, everyone’s experience with cannabis is different. My first few times getting high, I was a complete goofball. Everything was hilarious and I felt like the world was tilted, yet groovy. The more I smoked, the better the weed, the greater the high. My favorite time to get high was when it was time to do mental work- especially creative brainstorming. Getting high was a major part of my entrepreneurial and artistic journey. Some people, including my mother, think that being high makes you dumb, slow, or whatever they’ve witnessed or made up in their heads. I had an idiot classmate hold up the number 4 and ask me “how many fingers do I have up?”. I never cared what they thought because it’s definitely not CRACK COCAINE or CRYSTAL METH. Weed has never dumbed me down, but instead gave me creative thoughts and heightened senses, exposing what I do and don’t want…in the moment and in life. Weed has helped me get through some of my toughest times, and enjoy some of my best times.

I never stopped smoking until i became pregnant with my first child. Stopping for a baby was easy, and the desire to be high diminished within a couple of weeks. But as soon as I dropped that baby, my husband passed me the blunt, and we were back at it like I never left (baby steps of course). This pattern continued until I became pregnant with my third and last child.

I began to watch my family and friends, the same people I’ve been smoking with from day one…and I became disgusted by their constant need to get high. Without passing judgement on them, I realized that isn’t where I personally wanted to be. I decided that I wouldn’t go back to being a pothead after birthing my last child. However, being sober and raising kids is- whewwww! How can I say this….STRESSFUL, a pain in the ass, draining, and frustrating. I say this with love. I would do any and everything for my children, and this is why they drive me crazy. Their constant needs and wants with no regard for my peace of mind can be totally insane.

I asked my husband to find me some edibles. I’d prefer brownies over cookies. Instead, he found me some gummies. His friend came home from Qatar and gave us a few to try. LET ME TELL YOU…I don’t ever need a blunt again. This little round, pink gummy gives me one of the greatest highs, without the acidic smoke. Cannabis can actually be good for you, it’s the smoking that gives it such a bad wrap. As a mother, I didn’t want my children to grow up seeing me always puffing on something- or telling people their mom smokes cigarettes- because, no. I’m beyond ecstatic that I can still get to that level of depth, good feels and vibes, and create in a way that makes me happy. My mom is so proud that I quit smoking, but I’m even prouder. Will I everrrrr hit the blunt again? Yeah, maybe at a very celebratory moment or a lit vacation. But smoking blunts by myself and sitting around in sessions is definitely not my thing anymore. Pass. me. the. edibles.

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