1. Sign up and create a profile.  

2. Become a vendor, create crowdfunding campaigns and more from your user profile dashboard.

3. Click “Create Campaign” to start a donation collection or reward-based crowdfunding campaign. 

4. Set goals, expiration date, price or minimum investment and upload images and videos to give investors detailed descriptions.  

5. Contributors should use best judgement and make donations and contributions based on knowledge, post details, offering, and artist or entrepreneur profile. Contributors and customers don’t have to set up a profile until they decide to purchase, donate, or contribute. Artists and entrepreneurs can also back other brands in the community. 

6. Add friends and connect with like minds. Leave a review on profiles so the community can be informed about your experience. 

7. Click “Publish an Article” and submit text to be reviewed by our editors. Posts are $5. Categories, tags, and media are mandatory. We reserve the right to not accept any article that does not align with the AMAG brand and culture.