How Has Technology Impacted Mankind?

It is no surprise that since the past few decades our lives have been revolving around technology and its advancements. We have become highly dependent on it in our everyday lives and have even envisioned our future around it. Technology has had an unfathomable and immeasurable impact on our lives, by and large.

With technology evolving at a highly accelerated pace, often we are left behind and stumbling to cope with its quick leaps. When our lives have become so much more easy, convenient, and hassle-free with the embracing of technology, it also seems like we are on a rat race to always adopt the latest ones into our lives.

Undoubtedly, technology comes at a price, quite an expensive one at that. From smartphones to AI to cars, the latest and the best technology seems to be developed at a premium price point, making a lot of it inaccessible to those with lesser resources.

From the way we communicate, learn, shop, travel and work, technology has touched all facets of our lives, overhauled our lifestyles, in most cases without us even realizing it. A few decades earlier a technology like Whatsapp or a concept of remote working or even driverless cars would never have even crossed our minds or was a fantasy. But the reality today is even more surreal, with technology achieving so much more than one can ever imagine, and with that, our lives have also been affected, positively and negatively. 

Technology has been having a social, physiological, and psychological impact on mankind, with it influencing our physical and psychological development. It is not just adults but teenagers and even children who face the risks associated with the adoption of the latest technology into our lives. Everything from decision-making to memory to social interactions and relationships, technology today plays a key role. Though in most cases, it has been advantageous and we have benefitted from it, there are even worse downfalls to it too.

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