Hardships to Honor

You can allow the circumstances of this world to weigh you down, or you can use those same factors to motivate and push you in a brighter direction. Zerrick Gibson, better known as “Stunna Bam”, has turned his hardships into stepping stones. “I want to do so much… Just to show somebody it can be done,” stated Gibson. 

Stunna Bam was born and raised in 3rd Ward of Houston, TX, and doesn’t want to leave. He attended Jack Yates High School and lives near his granny who he considers his baby, apparently very close to him as he stated she was all he had left. 

Best friends, favorite cousins, and both brothers of the 22-year old upcoming artist have all passed, and Mr. Gibson feels no burden to care for his loving grandmother. Likewise, he wholeheartedly carries on the name of his younger brother, the original “Stunna Bam”, who was murdered at the age of 14. 

As a result of losing his baby brother to mistaken identity, retaliation, and senseless violence, Gibson adopted the flashy rap name and ran with it. Though rapping was just a hobby growing up, Gibson decided to take the music route more seriously with a memorable story to tell. 

Gibson plans on making a documentary titled “Never Lucky, Always Blessed”, covering the tragedy that led to his promising music career, and explaining the name switch for those who are confusing him with his younger brother, Bam Bam. 

“If I let it beat me up, it would weigh me down, but it solidifies my solid. God givin’ me my strength”, said Gibson. 

Stunna Bam was blessed with a game-changer, a baby boy. Gibson explained his unconditional love for his son; this new addition to his life earned the title of his GREATEST motivation. Gibson went on to say, “Not only did he slow me down, but he brought me closer to God.”

“Perfect Timing” is not only the name his most recent project, but how Gibson describes his music. Only recently getting his first whiff of stardom at recent events such as South by SouthWest, and Spring Break in South Padre, Stunna Bam felt the love from his fans, describing them as electrifying and a[STUNNA]shing. He associates himself with local clothing lines, Ziyani and A la Mode. Gibson has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Rich Homie Quan, Paul Wall, and the list will only continue to grow as he puts on for our city. 

Stunna Bam would not be where he is today without the love, faith, and financial backing of King Rula, who is deeply rooted in the community, also putting his money into local football teams for the youth. T. Farris signed Stunna Bam as an artist with what Gibson calls a “love contract”. Showing much gratitude for what he’s been through, what he’s experiencing, and what has yet to come, Gibson is on the road to stardom, riches, and proving that it CAN be done. Hardships build character; Stunna Bam is a living example. Accept each day as it comes to you and continue to learn and grow. What is meant to be will happen, and what you need will come…if you let it.


**Originally published to The Young Houston Magazine in 2014**

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