God’s Cells

I had a revelation. Well, we…my friend and I were having one of our deep conversations about the world, and she remembered she had something to show me. So in her hand was her iPhone 5 displaying a screenshot of an Instagram post by @enlightenedthoughts. There was a brain cell pictured next to The Universe; very similar in structure. The caption read, “Do you ever think, perhaps, that the universe that we could be living in, is simply a brain cell to another living creature?”  

My Bible is my baby so I might reference a few Kenya-interpreted verses here and there.  The Word says we were made in His Image, so this came up during our “What if we were just chilling in God’s eyeball” conversation. It’s also important to note that we’re into astrology and we believe that God is equivalent to The Universe. As the brainstorming continued, we came to the conclusion that there is, of course, something much bigger than us, and compared ourselves to cells of God’s body. The Word says several times in different places that we are one body. Hence, the greatest of all is love, because those who walk in love do no harm. Simply stated, this world has some good and bad cells. In this case, a bad cell would refer to pessimistic, ungrateful, deceptive, negative, or purely evil beings.

Right before I ran to my laptop to frantically start typing this article, I was reading my Bible and had a separate but relevant revelation. My devotional for the day was titled “Turn Your Losses Around” and basically said people walk around moping about the bad things in their lives, when they could simply go to God- He’s lost the most. I’m like, “Whaaat? What did God lose?” Then it said He lost Lucifer, his top angel, and about ⅓ of God’s other angels followed. He created humans and lost them because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit…and because they had dominion over the world, God lost that too! And then there was the concept of giving and receiving! Instead of creating havoc, He created a Savior, so that all who believed in Him would have everlasting life. Yeah, John 3. (Now I think I should add I’m not all that big on religion. I grew up in the church but college opened my eyes to all kinds of things, literally.) But in return, He received His only-begotten Son and millions of other believing sons. You see how that worked, or did you miss it? What you put out there, is what you will receive—and according to the Word, “good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.” 

With that being said, what are you putting out into The Universe? Feeling negative emotions allows the devil to fill your head with negative thoughts. (a past revelation) Thoughts are things, so what dominates your thoughts will dominate your life. They say, life is what you make it. If we put to use the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control, then this world could be a better place. Good cells are those who put forth such effort and good energies. The Universe responds well to positivity. Instead of worrying, I ask for what I want and wait on it. As a human, I sometimes experience feelings of disappointment when things don’t go my way, but in the end, what you think and speak into your life WILL come into your life.  

Our big revelation- The Universe/ God has to work though His good cells (the most basic function of a living organism) to enlighten the bad cells so that we can ALL benefit. Think and speak and feel positive. Be optimistic. Tell The Universe what you want, and go get it if it’s something you can work for. Work hard to live in harmony with others. GIVE, LOVE, GIVE and LOVE. That’s what God does. Of course, I’m just sitting there like, “We’re freaking geniuses”, but in all honesty, I pray for wisdom and understanding and I receive it. Little bits and pieces at a time. Life is so cool.

**Originally published to The Young Houston Magazine in 2014**

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