From Trauma to Triumph

Imagine healing generations of people by focusing on adults who suffered traumatic childhoods. Not only is Jasmyn helping those who went through traumatizing times as young human beings, but she helps parents become aware of the cycles we repeat when we have not healed. Meet the founder of Jay’s Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing LLC.

Where are you from?
Fayetteville, NC

How long have you been practicing your craft?
A little over a year.

Who has influenced you? Who are your favorite greats?
One of my favorite people of all time would be Wilma Rudolph. I have always looked up to her, even at an early age. She struggled with illnesses in her childhood and never allowed it to stop her. When she was diagnosed with Polio, they told her she would never be able to walk again. Not only did she started walking, but she sprinted and became very accomplished. She has inspired me to keep pushing forward no matter the circumstances.

Why did you choose the path you’re currently traveling?
I chose the path I am currently traveling on because I realize the impact childhood trauma has on the world. It started with my own experiences of sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse. I spent years being bitter and angry, lashing out those around me. It took me seeing that I was treating my children the same way my mother treated me that I needed to heal. Now I coach other moms through their healing journey.

How would you describe your brand, business or projects?
Jay’s Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC is a company dedicated to helping people heal from childhood trauma. Our objective is to help parents heal so that they can give their children a childhood that they don’t have to spend their adulthood healing from. One way we do this is through our From Trauma To Triumph Program.

How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?
I would love to reach fellow boss moms and entrepreneurs of my generation, millennials. People who have spent their childhood suffering in silence and are ready to take action towards becoming a trauma thriver. As an entrepreneur myself, many of us give so much to other people that we forget to pour into ourselves. These are the ones who are making a difference in other people’s lives through their creativity and implementation of dreams, so I want to make an impact on theirs.

Do you have any other projects, businesses or brands you’re currently working on? If so, feel free to explain:

I am working on writing a book based on my journey of love. I’ve never been in love so it’s something that I aspire to experience one day. I’m writing this book to encourage others to never give up hope on the most valuable gift the world has to offer. I am also working on starting up a bookkeeping company tailored to life coaches and mental health professionals. I’m truly passionate about those who invest in others well-being.

What or who motivates you?
Other than myself, my children motivate me. Aiden and Jaiden are like day and night. They both possess different aspects of my personality. Not only do they show me the parts of me I am proud of, but I see the things I need to work on as well. They push me to be a mom, person, adult, woman and human being. My sons taught me what real love is.

Who do you plan to influence with your work?

I plan to influence my generation and the generations to come.

What do you think is your purpose in life?
I spent years wondering what my life purpose was, now I have the answer. My life purpose is to raise the vibration of the collective through motivational speaking, teaching, and coaching. Also by being an example of the highest vibrational frequency, which is love.

What is the title of your latest work of art, collection, or product? When did you release it, or when will you?

My latest project is my From Trauma To Triumph Program. It was launched in 2021. It’s an eight week course that assists my clients with healing their childhood trauma. It’s very collaborative with tons of informative videos, presentations and most importantly, me as a mentor and coach.

How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand?
Currently, I am on Instagram at fromtrauma2triumph. I plan to expand in the near future. I see my brand going international, speaking at schools, corporations, workshops and in our local communities. I want to help as many people as I can. On Instagram, I provide tons of helpful tips, food for thought, encouragement, with a sprinkle of personal experiences. I’m looking to expanding in the next couple of months.

Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Melikia Courtney

How did you come up with your stage/business name?
I chose my name based off of one of the childhood nicknames I was called. Jay was my masculine persona. It was the person I showed people when I was hurting. To me, Jay represented strength. I started out doing tarot card readings and helping people that way. It was more of a coaching session than a reading. Many of my former clients told me how they left the call feeling inspired. That’s how my name was manifested.

What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?
My favorite part about being in my industry is that I’m changing lives. Im truly making an impact on families and generations to come. It’s still hard for me to believe that all the trauma I have experienced in my childhood led me to this point. My least favorite part is hearing the suffering of others. I empathize very easily and the nurturer in me just wants to take their pain away so they can be happy.

What are your long-term goals?

My long term goals are to make Jay’s Intuitive Life Coaching and Inspired Healing, LLC brand a household name. I want people to hear my brand and instantly feel a surge of warmth and positive energy. I want to travel as a motivational speaker, empowering parents and children alike on the importance of healing childhood trauma.

Tell us anything you’d like the world to know about you.

I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary vision. I’m not perfect. I’m not someone who should be placed on a pedestal. I’m merely a woman who was sick and tired of suffering. I’m a mom who decided to do something about it. If I can heal, then so can you.


How do you prefer to be reached?

Please message me on Instagram.

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