Evo Opportunity Fund is now accepting new investors. Now you, along with Evo Opportunity Zone Fund, can evo-lutionize sustainable and affordable container living. This fund hopes to develop energy-efficient housing in qualified opportunity zones through the repurposing of storage containers.

The mission of this fund is to develop state-of-the-art container housing that is affordable and sustainable. The millions of people located in economically distressed communities and designated opportunity zones are the main priority. The fund hopes to help build back the nation’s communities that are in need the most.


The strategy of the Evo Opportunity Fund involves building single and multi-family container homes located in densely populated and distressed areas. The fund’s team consists of skilled and specialized laborers that wish to resolve the global housing issues.

The fund has partnered with large companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Checkers Restaurant Company, Habitat for Humanity, The City of East Point Georgia, UPS, and many more to provide sustainable container housing to those in need. Customers of EVO Container Homes are provided with the highest quality of efficient appliances and utilities. The units consume electric power systems, including Energy Star Certified refrigerators, light fixtures, washers, and much more. They are also provided with an additional option of a Total Off-Grid Package.

Housing Solution of the Future

Building traditional homes has become increasingly expensive. Therefore, shipping containers are a more cost-effective and durable option–they are also the aesthetic of future homes! These only take around 6 to 9 weeks to assemble, proving to be much less time-consuming than conventional homes!

Step Up in Basis

Investors can pay less with a step-up in basis. Capital gains are deferred when the investment in the Opportunity Fund is held until 2026. Therefore, you can receive a 10% step-up in basis (discount) on capital gains that are due for 2026.

Tax-Free Gains

When an investment is held for ten years, the taxpayer excludes the appreciation occurring in the Opportunity Fund investment. So, no capital gain is due on the difference between the fair market value and the initial investment.

EVO Opportunity Zone Fund Now Open to Investors

The Evo Opportunity Zone Fund is open to investors. The minimum investment is $50,000. The fund’s Serious Round A maximum is $20,000,000, with the total fund authorized at $250,000,000.

For investors looking to be a part of the Evo Opportunity Zone Fund, the process of investments is quite simple. You need to complete the Accredited Investor Form to be able to view the Deal Room Portal. Once you have access, download the Deal Box files and documents. Finally, fill out the Subscription Agreement and submit it to start your investment process in the Evo Opportunity Zone Fund. This fund also offers investors substantial ROI opportunities.


Are you an investor who wishes to help develop affordable and sustainable container housing for millions in economically distressed communities and designated opportunity zones across the country?

Evo Opportunity Fund is committed to developing energy-efficient real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones by creating sustainable housing for all. Evo promises to utilize the radical tax breaks provided by Opportunity Zones. The timing for this opportunity is now.

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