Many people around the world have started to realize that we need to live our lives in a much environmentally friendly manner. Whatever we do is somehow harming our environment; our very existence is costing mother nature very dearly. So, we need to do everything in our power to live in a better way, a way that helps our communities grow while conserving natural resources.

There is a new idea that is gaining popularity gradually as a solution to our global environmental, economic, and housing problems. The solution is shipping container homes. There are numerous benefits that come with using these containers to make your little paradise. It turns out that these containers are inexpensive, very efficient, and environmentally friendly to be used as your living space. They are perfect for those who have low incomes or for those who strongly believe in a green lifestyle. Stay tuned and keep reading the blog to know more.

Reuse and recycle

Every year there are about 13.8 million tons of metals and 12.4 million tons of wood get thrown away either due to teardowns or faults. With shipping containers, you are reusing metal and do not need additional metal for construction.

Renewable energy

Container homes can easily be powered by renewable energy like solar panels that you can place on top of the container. They will last you very long since the containers do not need too much energy for heating, lighting, or cooling due to their small size.  Frequent use of container homes will result in a massive reduction of greenhouse gases that are emitted through the use of fossil fuels.

Less expensive

An average house in Texas is over $280,000. However, when it comes to container homes, they are a lot cheaper than this, even if you add in all kinds of technology and other luxurious items in them.

Less building materials used

The modifications of container homes do need much common building materials compared to conventional houses. You won’t need to tile the whole container or need to be concerned about roofing, wall paints etc,. You will get to save your budget and the overall footprint on the environment.


Another desirable feature of these shipping container homes is their longevity. The longevity largely depends on the purpose the container used for in the past. A home made of shipping containers that have spent years traveling in the ocean and getting exposed to saltwater and humidity can last about 10 to 15 years. However, a container used for storage purposes can last for more than 30 years.



Living in shipping container homes has numerous benefits. They are affordable and environmentally friendly. They can solve both housing problems and climate issues for people around the world.

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