ELOPED in Vegas on 2/22/2020

We get to celebrate our elopement anniversary on the coolest day of 2022. We were SUPPOSED to have a wedding, but too much fun in Miami led to us finding out we were expecting a new addition while in Puerto Rico. This bittersweet moment changed up our plans for the next 9 months, including future travel and a ceremony to celebrate our union. We invited bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in activities that we eventually had to cancel. How magical would it have been to actually express our love in front of our family and friends on 2/22/22?

Nonetheless, we are blessed to have a new baby girl (so close to being born 2/2/22) in place of spending a lump sum on one day of beauty and fun. AND this day is actually one of importance for us…it’s our ANNIVERSARY. Two years ago, we drove to Las Vegas from the Central Valley of California, to ELOPE- something I said I’d NEVER do. (Never say never, they say!) I’ve always been the type of girl to make grandiose expressions, I throw parties and celebrate the small things. Once I set my mind on marriage, I imagined a beautiful and intimate ceremony with a hugeee reception. However, Terrace and I were expecting our second baby in May of 2020, so we decided the weekend of to just do it since he already proposed the November prior.

Because we eloped a week after Valentines Day, everything from the chapel was themed with red and pink hearts. We joined hands in marriage at the Chapel of Crystals– literally because of the name- with no special wedding attire. We brought along our first born son, Tahj, who tried to run around the entire chapel. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to change our last name at the time because they only gave us the option to choose between my last name and his last name- and we wanted a totally new surname (ADEL) for reasons I’ll explain later.

We stayed at The Palms Casino Resort, courtesy of my mother-in-love. (We didn’t tell our parents what we were doing until we were on the road. His mom was excited for us while my mom threw a fit and made me feel bad.) The hotel was absolutely beautiful and the scenery from our balcony was life! Our views were so phenomenal, we spent two hours enjoying the vibes and recording snapchat videos to our favorite songs. Food options were plenty but because we brought a toddler along and I was 6 months pregnant, the food court within the casino was awful. I personally couldn’t take the cigarette smoke and felt horrible about bringing our baby boy through it. In addition, we spent $50 on food that was subpar. We should’ve just done the buffet! We’d love to go back to The Palms to enjoy the pool scenes and casino, since we couldn’t this time around. It was a chilly February day.

Terrace found a dispensary several minutes away and came back with a mini bottle of red wine. YES, I drank it as I wanted to celebrate with my love. We took a bubble bath (which I normally wouldn’t do in any hotel setting), but the huge jacuzzi and red wine took me where I wanted to be.

We spent our last day walking the strip with a stroller. Although I wore the wrong shoes, it was a warmer day and tourists were everywhere as this was righttt before the COVID lockdown. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and enjoyed every bite. It’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed Vegas although I didn’t get my dream wedding- then or now. Today, we will celebrate love, our big family, and eat- our favorite thing to do.

Based on the venues we visited during our stay in Las Vegas, Adel Adventures has compiled our final ratings:

LLuxury: 5- beautiful stay at Palms Resort, the Shops at Crystals had all the top luxury brands right there on the Strip, and Las Vegas overall just gives luxurious vibes.

Art/Gems/Artifacts: 4- the hotel, restaurants and streets of Las Vegas had lots of art, a variety of themes, and a unique culture.

History: 3- we didn’t connect with people local to Las Vegas but we would love to see more of how Las Vegas started and how it got to where it is today. Maybe next time!

Holistic Health: 3- I’d say that Terrace was able to find cannabis but we didn’t search for vegan options, although I’m sure they were there.

Family-Friendly: 3- we had to walk our baby through cigarette smoke just to eat at the hotel and the Strip was full of adult sightings- our baby boy didn’t mind though.

Food/Dining: 4- plenty of options! just a little pricy.

Amenities: 5- The Strip is perfect for tourists. We truly enjoyed our 2-hour walk, watching people get pictures with different characters-including half dressed women!

Excursions: 4- we definitely didn’t get into anything extra, but the fact that we were able to elope was awesome.

Location/Ease of Access: 5- the Strip is central to anywhere you could possibly stay in Vegas, so pretty easy to get around.

Customer Service: 4- everyone was nice, no complaints here.




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