Couple Injects $100 Million into Distressed Areas to Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

EVO Haven is their residential, commercial and property development affordable housing solution. EVO HAVEN aims to end the global housing crisis by developing sustainable property using recycled materials and green energy sources.


Majesty and Elize are seeking partners to assist with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2030: Sustainable Cities and Communities. They are positioned to partner with institutions looking for opportunities with ESG Funds and have initiatives that directly support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The couple provides green, socially conscious real estate projects in metropolitan communities and rural environments. They also provide life-sustaining resources for residents of extremely low economic status. Interested parties will receive compiled data on how EVO Fund is actively providing solutions to address housing disparities, which impact socioeconomic factors and contribute to racial inequality.

Citi Bank recently announced its $1 billion initiative focusing on CitiAction for Racial Equity, providing greater access to banking and credit in communities of color, increasing investment in Black-owned businesses, expanding homeownership among Black Americans, and advancing anti-racist practices in the financial services industry.

Bank of America also has a $1 billion commitment to advance racial equality and economic opportunity in communities across the nation. In addition, the corporate strategy of the company includes the banks sustainable business initiatives, environmental, social and governance, capital deployment and global public policy efforts.

Please visit: to see how they have positioned EVO Fund as an ESG Fund that aligns with the U.N.’s Sustainable Cities and Communities initiative. Majesty and Elize would be honored to meet you virtually and discuss this initiative further.

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