This Agreement is made between Anais Magazine LLC and Content Contributor:

Anais Magazine and the Content Contributor hereby agree as follows:    


This contract is NOT an exclusive service contract. Anais Magazine and the Content Contributor may work, partner, or negotiate with other professional entities outside of contracted time.

The Content Contributor authorizes Anais Magazine the use of his/her name, bio, portfolio and basic information on Team Page and Social Media Profiles.

After one year of working with AMAG, Anais Magazine will offer Creative Team shares in company. (Amount of shares TBD by lawyers closer to one-year date)


Anais Magazine will publish and promote Content Contributor’s articles on online and print magazine, social networks, email lists, and business networks to attract readers, subscribers, and members.

Anais Magazine will provide weekly affiliate earnings via Content Contributor’s PayPal account.

Anais Magazine will promote Content Contributor’s brand or business, crowdfunding campaigns, and provide continuous training and resources.

Anais Magazine will communicate with Creative Team via email and “AMAG Creative Team” GROUP on Anais Magazine.

Anais Magazine reserves the right to deny any article that doesn’t fit company culture and brand.


The Content Contributor is responsible for creating an AMAG Profile in order to submit articles, as well as to complete user profile, vendor registration and affiliate registration upon on boarding.

The Content Contributor will provide Anais Magazine with picture, bio and basic information that will be displayed on, social media platforms, and email marketing.

The Content Contributor will be responsible for submitting a minimum of 2 articles per month within their specific topic. Failure to submit a minimum of two articles will result in loss of access to Premium Membership functionality.

The Content Contributor must create a PayPal in order to receive affiliate payments. Payout is completely dependent on promotional work of Content Contributor, including links in published articles, ads on personal websites, and ads/links on social media accounts.

The Content Contributor works remotely, and must have necessary equipment to complete all parts of the assigned work.

The Content Contributor will utilize the platform to the best of their abilities, and take full advantage of their Premium Membership. They will report any issues immediately to Anais Magazine so that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

The Content Contributor has the option to participate in training and monthly team consultations.

The Content Contributor will be available for monthly Zoom meetings, and will receive announcements from AMAG via email and the “AMAG Creative Team” GROUP on Anais Magazine.

The Content Contributor is free to promote their own brand or business in all published work, run their own store as a Vendor, and create crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds through AMAG.


The Content Contributor acknowledges that during the Agreement with Anais Magazine, confidential information of Anais Magazine will be disclosed to them and that any unauthorized disclosure of such information to third parties for use other than for the Business purposes could cause extensive harm to Business. Confidential information of Anais Magazine, includes any and all trade secrets, confidential, private or secret information of the Business including without limitation

  1. Business and financial information of the Business
  2. Information about existing or planned products and services
  3. Businesses clients’ information as deemed confidential by Anais Magazine and its client
  4. Such information as Anais Magazine may from time to time designate as being confidential

Termination of Agreement

Either party may terminate the Partnership by written notification. A 30-day termination period will take effect from the date of the written request, so that Contributor can close store/ withdraw all funds and AMAG can get replacement Contributor.

Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Content Contributor and Anais Magazine LLC and cancels and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between the two parties. There are no representations, warranties, forms, conditions, undertakings or collateral agreements, express, implied or statutory, between Content Contributor and Anais Magazine other than as expressly set forth in this agreement.

Governing Laws

This agreement will be governed in accordance within the laws of Anais Magazine’s primary location.

Copy of Agreement

Both parties acknowledges receipt of a signed copy of this agreement. If you agree with the above, please sign this agreement.


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