Celebrating Arthur Muhammad: 20 Years of Telling Stories Through Film

AMAG is celebrating Arthur Muhammad for trailblazing 20 years in the film industry. His work has been featured in theaters, on major networks, and he plans to continue telling his stories visually.

1. Where are you from?

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas

2. How long have you been practicing your craft?

I’ve been making films professionally (writing, directing, editing, producing) since 2001

3. Who has influenced you? Favorite greats?

Oscar Micheaux, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Alfred Hitchcock

4. Why did you choose this route?

I believe filmmaking chose me. I believe it’s my purpose. Storytelling / filmmaking / art all have the ability to influence and infuse humanity. I think it’s important that we (black people) tell our own stories from our own perspective.

5. How would you describe your projects or brand?

For the most part, I make movies that focus on social issues or male / female relationships.

6. How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?

 People who love good stories and movies. Audience that is more focused on the substance of a movie rather than the stars (who’s in it).

7. Are you acquainted with any clothing lines? Any other products or services? 

No, I’m not.

8. Do you have any other projects or businesses you’re working on? If so, feel free to explain.

I have a few films coming out: The Lil Voice, The Starter Marriage, Colors of Love. I start production on Bid for Love and Recession Proof this summer. I’m also wrapping up my masters (MFA).

9. What or who motivates you?

I am self motivated. I believe in order to be successful, you have to be self-motivated. I’m motivated to continue to make better movies and to better my craft as a filmmaker.

10. Who do you plan to influence with your work?

Mostly young black people, but hopefully, people in general that watch my movies.

11. What do you think is your purpose in life?

To make movies. Tell visual stories.

12. What is the title of your latest work of art? When did you release it? Or when will you?

The Lil Voice available now on Urbanflix. Soon to be on other platforms.

13. How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand? 

My films have been on BET, Netflix, Amazon, Aspire TV, Tubi and even screened in theaters.

14. Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Charles S. Dutton, Vivica A. Fox, David Banner, Pooch Hall, Elise Neal, Lamman Rucker and others.

15. How did you come up with your stage/business name?

My initials. AM Film Studios.

16. What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?

Favorite,  Being creative. The least favorite is the business.

17. What are your plans after success?

To continue to make movies and tell stories and remain a student of cinema.

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