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Couple Injects $100 Million into Distressed Areas to Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

EVO Haven is their residential, commercial and property development affordable housing solution. EVO HAVEN aims to end the global housing crisis by developing sustainable property using recycled materials and green energy sources.   Majesty and Elize are seeking partners to assist with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2030: Sustainable Cities and Communities. They are positioned to partner with institutions […]

Atlanta’s Power Couple Majesty and Elize Are Redefining Rules for New Businesses by Investing in Social Welfare

Maintaining a balance between profit and social welfare is a tough nut to crack. Talking specifically about the present times, even the most profitable businesses have become quite cautious before spending any extra penny. Amidst many distressing pieces of news during the pandemic, the city of Atlanta is brimming with the positivity and enthusiasm of […]

No Vacancy TV

Love & Business For many couples, working together blends one too many aspects of their lives, creating difficulties that could otherwise be avoided. However, this power couple allows their differences to serve as their strongest attributes in business. While they continuously work to improve the dynamics of their business relationship, they learned they didn’t have […]

13 Herbs for Lactation

Would you believe me if I told you the natural weaning age for humans was between 4-7 years of age? In regards to evolution, most animals discontinue breastfeeding when the molars erupt. For a human, this is around 5 or 6 years old, which happens to be the same time humans acquire a fully-developed immune system. […]