Cannabis Fried Eggs

When speaking of “edibles”, most people refer to candy, gummies, and even desserts like brownies and cookies. After my husband (Sir Cannabis, himself) and I watched “Cooking with Cannabis” on Netflix, we were inspired to create our own meals to consume cannabis in the healthiest way possible.

I had an amazing gummy edible, with 250 mg of THC and although I loved the high, the taste was satisfactory. For my birthday, my husband decided he would make me my own canna-honey, canna-coconut oil, and canna-ghee.

Most people are familiar with honey and coconut oil, but ghee isn’t as popular on our side of the world. Ghee is a clarified butter, widely used in Ayurveda. It promotes good health, healthy fats, and can be used in place of butter for the better.

I used the canna-honey in my tea, and I loved the taste. The cannabis has a distinct taste when cooked in a substance, and I personally like it. I once put cannabis flowers inside of a valentine’s tray of chocolate, and although I didn’t create edibles, I changed the taste of the chocolate!

Anyway, this morning, my husband made me breakfast. 3 fried eggs with avocado on the side. But instead of frying my eggs in any old oil, he used canna-ghee. I was working from home per usual when I stopped and wondered if I had been smoking. Of course I hadn’t, I quit. This is a good high. I ate at 10am and I’m still feeling the effects from the canna-ghee at 4:30pm.

Now I’m completely convinced that the judges on that Netflix show were serious about how high they were! They were sampling 3-4 meals per episode. We are brainstorming ways to bring this to our cannabis lovers in Texas.

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