Born Into Music: Selena Syree

Born into music, Sylena Syree has been singing before she could even count or recite her alphabet. Her mother sings and her father is a DJ, so it only makes sense for Sylena to love music, performing and pleasing the audience.

“Music is my life, so if I can sing until the day I die… I will!” Sylena exclaimed. “My favorite part is being able to perform, and allowing the world to see my talents. My least favorite part is the negative backlash that sometimes come with the industry and not always knowing who you can trust,” she continued.

From Detroit, Michigan, Sylena has gone to school for fashion, business, and finance, but nothing brings her joy like music. “I can receive a beat via email and I hear the melody and instantly start writing. I enjoy telling a story and when I get on the stage to perform I feel the energy from the audience and it gives me the drive to continue to do what I do,” explained Sylena.

She’s done a few live sets with local artists in Houston, but while in Detroit, Sylena has worked with local Detroit artists such as Fame the Ripper, Biance Badd, Midwest Rico, & Tikko Rome.

Growing up listening to Anita Baker and Whitney Houston with her mother as the tunes rang through their home, Sylena considers them a big influence on where she is today. However, as she got older and began to branch out on her own, Janet Jackson became an all time favorite. “Just so sensual, soft and in touch with her sexuality, which is what I admired the most,” Sylena said.

Creating pop fantasy and sensual R&B, Sylena says her music is not necessarily for children, as she sings and performs for a more mature audience. She wants to influence women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to embrace their sexuality. Sylena also aspires to get people to follow their dreams, even if they are the only one who believes in them.

Her fashion schooling didn’t go to waste as she creates and designs all the costumes for both her dancers and herself. “My clothing line is R.A.W Fashion which stands for Rare Art Worn,” she explained. You can also find Sylena rocking hair and make-up by The DollHouse by Dana Chanel.

Sylena Syree is creative all-around; even her stage name has a creative background deriving from Greek Mythology. “In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island,” Sylena explains.

Sylena dropped her latest music video for the New Year to her new single “I Like it Ruff” and her EP will come in the following months. Already busy in 2018, Sylena gives credit to her manager who keeps her working while hinting to some big plans for 2018!

“I just did a big NYE show for Loc Nation, I will be performing and showcasing my clothing line at the Arka Art show on Jan 20th and then on the 27th I’ll be performing at the Show Me Showcase,” said Sylena.

Don’t miss the sensual stage presence and vibrant background dancers; catch Sylena Syree at one of her upcoming shows and follow her @sylenasyree.

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