All the way from Gary, Indiana, entrepreneur Kaye Bradley has made her way to the big city of Houston to push her t-shirt line inspired by high fashion and pop culture! BlueRoc7 offers designs unseen on the everyday market on high-quality t-shirts. They will soon be expanding into a line of hats as well. The name BlueRoc7 came together perfectly as she combined her favorite color, rock for solid foundation, and 7 for her birth year-1977.

BlueRoc7 has a fanbase diverse in age range as her customers are between the ages of 12 and 75 years old. It’s high-quality fashion for the entire family! Bradley has been perfecting her craft for 5 years and she’s definitely making moves. “I set up vendor booths all the time at different events in Texas. I want to set up booths in other major cities throughout the U.S.” she said.

Bradley explains that she’s always been fashionable and one day decided to explore the arts via creativity on shirts. Her taste is inspired by her favorite greats like Karl Kani, Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, and Sean John.

Beyond the fashion, Bradley hopes to leave a legacy and to inspire the youth to not only start their own businesses, but to be great! For the love of entrepreneurship, Bradley explains she loves the fact that she controls the business, gets to be creative, and will eventually be creating her own hours while building her empire.

As she continues to perfect her craft and expand her brand, we may just see BlueRoc7 in the mall of major cities soon. “My long term goal is to continue to produce quality merchandise and to have my products selling throughout the US.” she added. Don’t miss out on what this fashion line brings to market next! Follow @blueroc7clothing!

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