Atlanta’s Power Couple Majesty and Elize Are Redefining Rules for New Businesses by Investing in Social Welfare

Maintaining a balance between profit and social welfare is a tough nut to crack. Talking specifically about the present times, even the most profitable businesses have become quite cautious before spending any extra penny. Amidst many distressing pieces of news during the pandemic, the city of Atlanta is brimming with the positivity and enthusiasm of Majesty and Elize. The power couple took matters in their own hands when they decided to play their part in uplifting distressed areas.

Setting goals for social welfare since 2017

Majesty and Elize connected through a dating app but what brought them together was their passion for business. These career-driven individuals wanted to make a difference around themselves and with this intention, they kick-started their real estate business IRP Builders in 2017. This resolved the problem of unaffordable housing in the city of Atlanta.

The population of Atlanta was escalating rapidly along with skyrocketing property and housing costs. This created a problem for the marginalized groups and their dreams of investing in affordable housing. The couple identified this lacuna in the infrastructure of the city and decided to find a solution that is affordable for their potential customers and viable for the business.

Their company invests in vacant properties in the area and started renovating houses that could be afforded by the underprivileged groups, thus working towards solving the problem of homelessness and vacant properties in the city.

A helping hand during distress

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, the couple broke all the general stereotypes of new business. They shifted its attention from the traditional for-profit approach to creating a value proposition for the upliftment of the downtrodden society. They acted on their plan with the launch of EVOPIA, which is a non-profit organization. The platform provides a plethora of services related to real estate, investment, education, mental health, and finance. The organization acts as a facilitator for pooling in funds and utilizing them in favor of the Black community. EVOPIA offers economic, political, and health-related support to the African people and the development of the diaspora.

In addition to offering affordable housing, the couple also makes it a point to create jobs for their community by hiring skilled laborers from inside the community. These young minds are committed to establishing a workplace that facilitates learning and skill development, offers fair wages, and creates an environment that provides better treatment to the workers.

Objectives in the long-run

In the first three years of establishment, IRP Builders has been able to tackle the problem of homelessness and affordable housing in the city of Atlanta. The couple plans to leap forward by investing $100 million for the improvement of the situation in distressed localities. Their plans have been hindered due to the pandemic. However, what is noteworthy is to realize that in times when most businesses are either folding or adapting their business model to cater to necessities, the entrepreneurial duo is striving hard to give it back to the community.

The primary aim of Majesty and Elize is to provide affordable housing options to at least a 1000 more households while expanding their business and touching the lives of larger strata, beyond the geographical confines of the city.

Unlike most other real estate companies that merely deal in the transfer of property and ownership, Majesty and Elize are focusing on creating value by reinforcing the spirit of community relationships while improving the overall standard of living.

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