Art for the African Diaspora

What do you call an artist who is set on ultimate creation, strives to inspire greatness and pride within anyone who sees their work, as they promote a great love for people of the African Diaspora? You’d call it John Gibson IV, of course. Naming his art business after his government name and his inductee number into the Pi Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, JGibson142_Art is a new venture destined to create across a number of mediums!

Practicing his craft for longer than he can remember, Gibson began his art career long ago during his young and tender kindergarten age in his hometown of Dallas, TX. Oak Cliff, to be exact. Gibson admits he was heavily, yet unknowingly influenced by his grandfather, John Gibson III and his great uncle J.C. who had works of art hanging around multiple family member’s houses.

Art chose Gibson, as he claims “Out of all the things I’ve tried, art has given me the most joy.”

He finds himself inspired by professional artist Frank Morrison. “I love the way he exaggerates black form and tells our stories in vibrant color”, stated Gibson. In addition, @marcusthevisual,, and @x718_ are several talented artists he’s come across on social media. He adds, “Seeing their work pushes me past artistic complacency.”

Gibson’s fan base consists of 18-35 year old melanin rich people, as they are the subjects of his art. After creating masterpieces, he sells his work across a variety of mediums, including digital prints, shirts, pillows, and stickers, with more creations to come. His latest art work, SDGAF, was created 2 years ago, but after revisiting he decided to share the greatness with his supporters.

Though extremely introverted when it comes to his artwork, he is conjuring up a series of stories that could become anything from a comic, novel, or an animation. Keeping the details under wraps, he did mention that he has more artwork that will soon be translated into any amount of products.

Being an entrepreneur has many ups and downs as do many things in life, but for Gibson, his absolute favorite part of starting his art venture is the freedom. He just started doing vendor booths, and his first was in August at the RAW Art Show in Dallas. He will also be participating in the Show Me Showcase: The Hottest Winter with the PPL PXRTY in January. The cost of being an entrepreneur happens to be his least favorite. However, Gibson aspires to quit his day job and pursue his art full time.

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