AKAnundrum: Lifting as she Climbs

Meet Alquincia- one-of-a-kind, wise and insightful. She inspires thousands through her platform AKAnundrum, providing educational resources to entrepreneurs.
1.Where are you from?
Originally from Los Angeles, CA
2. How long have you been practicing your craft?
Craft in terms of entrepreneurship- 1st legitimate LLC was 2014. There was also a business in 2013 I created Loc Therapy—seed money to get to the next venture.
3. Who has influenced you? Favorite greats?
There wasn’t anyone in the beginning, I didn’t have a go-to entrepreneur or anyone who was “my goals”. You know how some ppl grew up wanting to do hair, and they focused on Madam CJ Walker. I didn’t have that. There was no entrepreneur that I was necessarily inspired by. Entrepreneurship and the concept of creating something started when o was little- tutoring for money, finding solution-based businesses. Later after researching the kourney’s of a lot of people, that was confirming, motivating, and kind of relieving because a lot of times we focus on the end and the success. I like to look at ent journeys because it helps me understand the ups and downs are mandatory. So now in terms of present day, I like Courtney Adeleye. There’s a lot of ppl I like but I resonate with her philosophical views, pragmatic minded, mature, astute, very wise, and like mindedness. What she’s done has been extraordinary.
4. Why did you choose this route?
It was really working- once you work and realize how vulnerable we are, how much of our lives we place in the hands of other people… We make a pact and a promise- you go to work, do what you’re supposed to do, you’ll keep a job, get promoted, and we believe in that so strongly that we enter contracts based on that. We get a car lease, mortgage, etc. that payment and that position is contingent on.
After having several jobs and seeing that isn’t always the case, I learned they won’t even be upfront enough with you so you can prepare yourself. Companies can know they are going bankrupt, in the red, they can know this for months without preparing employees. Life is not totally in your hands, I was a manager and the franchisee sold the business and was going to tell them the day of that they weren’t going to be kept. He had the best interest in his business so the employees continue to show up.
We are vulnerable. If I can go from $150,000 to 1million in two years for someone else, I can do it myself. I knew I’d be able to gage where I was, I would know if I needed to get a job… I took a gamble on myself.
5. How would you describe your projects or brand?
Lifting as I climb- my greatest aspiration is to help people fulfill their adequacies so they can enjoy their life with purpose. What makes me feel happy is when I started to fill my inadequacy, what I was lacking. Information, education, physical things. Once we start to fill some of those areas, we feel more confident- as if we can show up in life. When you feel that way, you actively participate in life, compared to when you feel so much insecurity in yourself. When you show up whole and complete… when you show up as your true self, you offer so much more to the world. What I try to do for my niche audiences (entrepreneurs) more often than not being 1st generation business owners- we have creativity, hustle, swag but we lack structure and information. I try to provide resources, encourage ppl to start a revenue stream. If you have a skill, become a freelancer. Focus on keeping the business, 80% black owned businesses close within 18 months of opening. I’m cognizant of peoples emotions so if I have to give a hard truth, I always give a solution. We have to KEEP the business.
6. How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?
Aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and kids! It’s easier to build stronger children than it is to repair broken men. QUOTE-Frederick Douglass
When we think about freedom, that comes through economy. We must be independent as a group in order to have true freedom. Can’t depend on anyone for true freedom. It’s financial freedom now, it used to be agriculture. Freedom changes and bow it’s financially contingent. Generational wealth, we can’t fix the past but we can make great change really rapidly with our children. Create a good job for yourself, create your own income stream, then you can move on and elevate to a business. Focus on job creation in our children and now we are taking the necessary steps towards freedom. They can create and generate an income for themselves, create jobs. A lot of are first time business owners and want to be billionaires, but we have to learn everything, execute everything, and rich enough to take care of. More generations. we have to focus on the children.
Alot of ppl grow up poor, get some money and try to fix their childhood and children—-take away the hustle, the work ethic, take that away from their children and give them everything. Make their lives so easy that they don’t appreciate it, their lazy——you have to give them the things that made you who you are. Poor ppl give their kids the world but kid becomes a silver-spoon fed. If that’s all they know, can’t get mad at them. Go from bus to car- it would be amazing. It’s important to think about what made you ambitious and make sure you give your kids that too- give them a little bit of the struggle.
7. Are you acquainted with any clothing lines? Any other products or services?
ShopAKAnundrum.com– Educational Resources-video courses and ebook
VirtualBlackBizExpo.com– Everything else in terms of events and workshops; hosting again in June for Juneteenth- this one is super cool, we are doing it without any funding, it’s something futuristic and brings us into a virtual space.
AKAnundrum.com– LINKTREE for everything else I do
1stgenerationapps.com sell apps for $1200
8. Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Featured as Professor for Earn Your Leisure
Speaker for Derrick Grace Two
I had ppl feature for city
Forbidden knowledge
David Banner
Madi Woodard
Brother Bennet
& more.
9. How did you come up with your stage/business name?
Akanundrum- sorority aka and I don’t move in the way ppl expect me to, I’m a puzzle. People tell me I can run ads, make money and I’m like “no”.
Instead I take breaks over a year long. They tell me to sell this sell that, I’ll give it away. What I do puzzles a lot of people.
A Note From Alquincia:
The stock market is the white man’s hand me down toy. We are just learning stocks and now there is crypto and NFTs. They are already moving on. I know how it feels to be behind. Information is moving so quickly—-that’s why we have to focus on the kids because we have to catch up.

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