What is AMAG?

AMAG is an online platform and community which utilizes magazine and social media functionality to provide the artist, entrepreneur, and investor a dream-like networking and crowdfunding experience.


We connect global investors with companies raising capital through our donation, rewards, and one day, equity crowdfunding platform, enabling everyone to contribute and eventually own a piece of a company they believe in for as little as $50.


Promote to an online community of artists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Utilize our magazine to publish press releases and creative ads. Create crowdfunding campaigns. RAISE FUNDS.


BROWSE CAMPAIGNS. Meet an inspiring crowd of artists and entrepreneurs. Read our creative articles by a variety of AMAG's creative community. Support your favorite creators or fund companies or brands.


AMAG is the platform for ARTISTS, ENTREPRENEURS, BRANDS and BUSINESSES to increase brand awareness and generate income. Our model offers donation-based, reward-based, AND very soon-equity-based crowdfunding options, with the option to create a free profile, join groups, or create your own. With our magazine and social media functionality, users can publish press releases and creative articles on our magazine platform or network and direct message members in our creative community. We call it...The Art of Business.



Donations: Family, friends, and supporters near and far can donate to artist and entrepreneur projects easily on AMAG. Some brands or businesses may be seeking strictly donations, in which rewards are not offered in exchange.


Rewards: We allow supporters to donate money to campaigns in exchange for rewards. Once the “backer” receives the reward, the transaction is finished. The backer does not share in the company’s potential upside success and the company does not give up any portion of equity ownership to the crowd.


Equity: In addition, AMAG is crowdfunding to implement equity-based crowdfunding so that investors can purchase securities in private companies. They do not receive rewards, they receive stock or another type of investment in private companies. If the company becomes successful, shareholders have the potential to receive a return on their initial investment.