A Journey to Wellness

For Gelcys Basulto, organic is a must. She opened A Journey to Wellness, her own storefront in Rosenberg, TX, and has plans to become a franchise.  Read on to learn what motivated her to take the organic way of life. 

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, California  

How long have you been practicing your craft?
For 20 years 

Who has influenced you? Who are your favorite greats?

I didn’t really have an influence it was more of a motivation. My mother was diagnosed with MS when I was 16 and at that age all I could think about was why and how. 

Dr. Sebi and Dr. Robert Morse are a couple of my favorite Naturopathic doctors. 

Why did you choose the path you’re currently traveling?

My Freshman year in college, I took a nutrition class and that sparked the fire. My mission was to heal my mother and to also prevent any illnesses from occurring in my body. I read and did so much research. I tried different diets from Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan, Alkaline Vegan and Mediterranean. I would juice, take herbs, and cleanse my body as much as possible.  I’d stand in the grocery stores reading the ingredient lists on the back of products then researching them. I had to figure out why we were so sick in America. Suddenly everything made sense and God revealed to me what my purpose was. I prayed for wisdom and guidance and because of him, I am where I am today. I’m grateful to be able to help educate people on how to get their health back. 

How would you describe your brand, business or projects?

I am a Health and Wellness Coach and I own a Health and Wellness business called A Journey To Wellness along with a boutique. We sell organic handmade bath and body products as well as candles and supplements. Everything is made in the USA and non toxic. 

How would you describe your fan base? Who would you like to reach?

I’d like to reach anyone from kids to the elderly. 

What or who motivates you?

The passion to help people is what motivates me. 

Who do you plan to influence with your work?

Communities all around the US. 

What do you think is your purpose in life?

Helping and healing people while bringing them closer to God.

How often do you showcase your work? Where do you showcase? Where would you like to take your brand?

Franchising the brand is the goal. I want to help Health and Wellness Coaches get started on their business journeys. They can Coach and be involved in the community by having a Health and Wellness boutique.   

Name people or brands in your industry you’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Sweet Harvest Farms, Unearth Malee, Unplug, Nectar Republic 

How did you come up with your stage/business name?

Life is a Journey. Making changes in your health is also a Journey. Change doesn’t happen over night. We have to work on it. A Journey to Wellness just made sense. 

What is your favorite part about being in your industry? Least favorite?

I love meeting people and talking about how America’s medicine and food industry has changed over the last 100 years. People who grew up on farms have the best stories. 

I don’t have a least favorite.

What are your long-term goals?

Opening Health and Wellness boutiques all across America 

Tell us anything you’d like the world to know about you.

God is first in my life. I was put on this Earth for a purpose and I’m grateful to be fulfilling that purpose. I love the outdoors. Hiking and going to the beach are my two favorite hobbies. I love my family and enjoy watching my kids play sports, I’m their biggest fan! 



Social Media:

@ajourneytowellnessboutique @a_journey_to_wellness

How do you prefer to be reached?

Text messages or email

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