Day: April 24, 2021

“Trap Sermon” Review

Deus Lee and His All-new Tape “Trap Sermon” Deus Lee is an emerging star in the field of modern music. He is a native of Houston in Texas, United States of America. He is a budding music artist and features a unique mix of witty wordplay & gritty content. This allows him to paint vivid […]

A full shipping-container subdivision is bound for the Atlanta ’burbs’

A homebuilding company led by a husband-wife duo is planning a full Fulton County subdivision of recycled shipping-container houses they say are stylish, low-maintenance, environmentally responsible, relatively affordable, and all but indestructible. The site in question sits along an existing cul-de-sac in the rolling hills of the City of South Fulton, about 20 miles southwest […]

Evo Haven Founders Building Container Community Amid Housing Crisis

Evo Group Holdings (EGH) aims to end the global housing crisis and increase the supply of entry-level homes by mass-producing environmentally friendly real estate. In their first year in operations, Majesty and Elize Gayle, EGH’s founders, have generated $1.5 million in revenue, helping them prove entrepreneurs can do well while working efficiently for the good […]

Millennial couple builds sustainable subdivision near Atlanta

Atlanta GA – Elize Gayle and Majesty Gayle are two career-oriented individuals who found each other on a popular dating app. They soon joined forces to establish a successful real estate company. With Elize’s marketing skills and Majesty’s entrepreneurial prowess, they quickly elevated their company to new heights. Within their first year of business together, […]

Atlanta couple wants to build container home communities

“FULTON COUNTY, Ga – An Atlanta couple said they have the solution to the Sustainable housing crisis. Elize and Majesty Gayle want to build communities filled with homes made from shipping containers. The concept of a container home community came to the couple when the pandemic hit. They are real estate investors and developers and they said the […]