13 Herbs for Lactation

Would you believe me if I told you the natural weaning age for humans was between 4-7 years of age? In regards to evolution, most animals discontinue breastfeeding when the molars erupt. For a human, this is around 5 or 6 years old, which happens to be the same time humans acquire a fully-developed immune system. This simply means they can optimally fight off illness and disease.

Milky Mama LLC lactation products are made with natural ingredients, and formulated by a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant! The ancient Indian healing system, ayurveda, puts a major emphasis on herbology, so I was especially intrigued when I learned about the highly potent herbal supplements Milky Mama created. This collection is the cutest, as the supplements have creative names that remind mamas of their milking superpowers. All 5 supplements, Pumping Queen®, Milky Maiden®, Lady Leche®, Dairy Dutchess®, and Milk Goddess® were designed to promote healthy lactation, increase milk production, and enrich breast milk with a special blend of organic herbs.

Who knew there were so many herbs, or galactagogues, that directly affected lactation? Milky Mama utilizes 13 herbs to concoct the perfectly high-potent herbal supplements for nursing mothers. Now moms can aim to provide their nutritious breastmilk longer, allowing babies to naturally wean when they are ready! 

13 Herbs for Lactation

Shatavari is a vitamin rich herb that helps enrich milk and increase milk production. 

Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse that helps increase milk production and enrich milk. 

Ashwagandha is a powerful, ayurvedic herb that is rich in antioxidants, supports immune function, increases energy and increases milk production. 

Goat’s Rue is a powerful herb that works directly with mammary tissue to stimulate the production and flow of breastmilk. 

Blessed Thistle is a powerful, hormone-balancing herb used to enrich milk and increase milk flow. 

Alfalfa is a super nutritious herb known to promote the development of the glandular tissue of the breasts, increase milk production and enrich milk. 

Anise is a traditional European seed used to help improve flow of milk and ease gas/colic in babies.

Black Seed is a nutrient packed seed believed to stimulate prolactin release, increase breast refill rate, increase milk production, and promote the growth of mammary tissue. 

Stinging Nettle Leaf is a powerful leaf believed to support lactation by providing essential nutrients and supports thyroid function. 

Milk Thistle is an amazing herb that can increase milk production by over 80%. 

Fennel has been known to increase milk production and flow, stimulate the letdown reflex, enrich milk, stimulate mammary tissue growth, and helps ease gas/colic in babies.

Marshmallow Root helps boost the effect of other galactagogues and enrich milk. 

Torbangun is a traditional Indonesian herb that helps increase milk production by up to 65% in lactating women. 

Milky Mama LLC warns that mothers should avoid use if pregnant, have peanut/nut allergies, or if you have lupus, or another autoimmune disorder. Consult your physician if you are diabetic or have hypoglycemia.

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